The Original M.I.A.

Neneh Cherry is the original M.I.A. She caused a stir by rapping onstage while preggers way before M.I.A. did it. I remember when the song “Buffalo Stance” first came out, and I was singing about gigolos like I, a toddler, knew what a gigolo was. This song is still awesome now. If you don’t remember […]

What Is Really Going On Here?

Beyonce’s new “I’m hanging out and trying to seem laid back” look is not working for me at all. Something is so very wrong with this picture. Yay or Nay? Photo from the YBF.

My Love/Hate Relationship With Rhianna Maybe Over

Kanye West “Paranoid” feat Rhianna as some eye candy. I feel like she is finally being herself instead of pretending to be someone she isn’t, or maybe she just learned how to be a good actress. UPDATE:I had to change the video because they removed it. Hopefully this one works.

Help Me I’m Confused Again

All photos from AA. Questions to my readers # 1, 2,&3: Are the 90s back and the 80s are over, or are the 80s and 90s competing for fashion trend of the moment or are the 80s still here and the 90s are over? Questions to my readers# 4 & 5: What is the purpose […]

I Got Another Blog Award!!

YAY! Thank you Mina from The Fabulous Girl’s Guide to Fashion. I really appreciate this award. The Rules Are:Accept the award, post it on your blog together with the name of the person who has granted the award, and his or her blog link.2. Pass the award to 15 other blogs that you’ve newly discovered. […]

I Can’t Stop Thinking About Lanvin

Magazine: 10 Issue: Spring 2009Model: GiedrePhotographer: Cedric BuchetPhotos from Foto Decadent I am really inspired by this editorial from 10 Magazine. Alber Elbaz really designs beautiful, bright, colorful clothing for Lanvin. These pictures are great, but I hope you all go to Seeing them on the runway is just beautiful. I still like this […]

I Am Disappointed Yet Again

I am so disappointed with Target’s Pure Energy line. It was supposed to be a plus size contemporary line, but there is nothing contemporary about it. Everything looks like old hippie wear. I love hippies, but Mama Cass wouldn’t even wear this stuff. The dresses, the tops, just about everything is horrendous, and the line […]

Bad Bish

The Snow QueenPhotographer: Tim WalkerModel: Caroline TrentiniMagazine: Vogue UK March 2009Photo from Foto Decadent

Paper Heart

Someone take me to go see this movie. PLEASE! Paper heart is supposed to come out in August. I am letting you all know in advance. It stars Charlene Yi and Michael Cera, who I think are a real life couple. I am still not sure if this is a documentary,movie,whatever. I feel like I […]

Elizabeth and James Shoes

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen’s Elizabeth and James line now has shoes. I really like these shoes because they are shoes that I could see myself wearing. The Stock Flat is a shoe I could see myself wearing everyday with some jeans and a crisp white shirt. I love loafers because they go with a lot […]

Bad Bish

Chanel Iman does it again in her debut cover of Harper’s Bazaar Dubai.P.S. I need to find new “Bad Bishes” but people aren’t stepping their game up.

I’ve Got An Etsy Crush!

I have an Etsy crush on SarahSeven’s clothes. They are too cute, and the presentation/photography is nice too. They range in price from $100- $500. I could see myself wearing these dresses and skirts to work, a party, or both. This is her blog Beaus and Arrows.

I Have A Delimma

Photo by Base2Wave I am looking for a job/internship as you all know. Well I spent 2 hours doing a Walgreens pharmacy application, I tried to do one for the Gap/Old Navy and their computer system didn’t like me. Now I am about to try and apply to this store called Handpicked and Target. I […]

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