Jean Review

I was asked to review some jeans from I had never heard of this company before, so I did some quick research and decided to say yes. Maurices is online, and they have physical stores in different cities around the country. They are a woman’s clothing store that sells plus and straight sizes. Maurices has some really cute items for work and play. So check them out!



The jeans that I tried were the Briana Dark Wash Jeans and they cost $34. The fabric on the jeans were ok. It wasn’t too thin or too thick. They have a little bit of a flare leg and even though they are supposed to be mid-rise, they seem to be low-rise for me. I think that is because I have a little bit o’ booty in the back. I did like the jeans though. They had a nice wash, and my dad thought they looked nice. Thanks dad! I would probably buy some jeans from this store again. I would love to be able to find a store near me, but that won’t be happening anytime soon because the nearest store is an hour or so away. Sorry for the poor quality pictures. I took them with my phone. 🙂

My pictures didn’t move over when I moved my blog.

You’ve Got The Love

I love Rupert Sanderson shoes, and I love Florence + The Machine. Rupert Sanderson has some pretty awesome shoes. I hope to own a pair some day. Florence + The Machine makes some amazing music. The ruby red haired singer is pretty big in the UK, but they sell her cd on the US iTunes store. I am glad I bought it because the songs are really amazing. Pop music is really changing in Europe. I hope it starts to change in the US as well. Here is a picture Rupert Sanderson’s PR sent me of Florence in these powder blue platform shoes called the Plato. Those shoes are so heavenly. Le swoon. Le sigh.

rupert saunderson plato heel
photo from here


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Vogue Italia Is Moving Forward

Apparently I am ranked number 259 on this European site called Wikio in the fashion category, and my New York Fashion Week coverage got Google indexed really high last week. Soooo go me I guess. My hard work is finally paying off. Yay!

I don’t know if you guys have noticed, but Vogue Italia has a new website and they dedicated portions of it to Black and plus size fashion lovers. They both feature videos, editorials, and news. I don’t know if this is a gimmick, but I like it. These two sectors are voices that need to be heard. I perused the Vogue Curvy site last night. I love how they use actual plus size bloggers for video segments. Gabi from Young, Fat, and Fabulous has been recruited to do some videos for Vogue Curvy. Good luck Gabi! Today I explored Vogue Black and really liked it. There were some interesting features on there that got me really excited. Go check them out.

Do You Have Moxsie?

I want to thank everyone who has been giving my hope, well wishes, and words of encouragement especially after yesterday’s post. Minor setbacks happen. That’s life. I was on twitter yesterday and someone randomly dropped this quotation that put things into perspective.

Quote by Wangari Maathai
“A stumble is only 1 step in a long path 
we walk and dwelling on it 
only postpones the completion of your journey.”

I found this website called Moxsie last year while reading the Dream Sequins blog. It is a really good store full of independent fashion brands. If you are interested in finding out about new brands, this is a good website to peruse. While searching the shoe section, I found a brand that I was not familiar with.  Matiko Footwear is a company from Orange County, California that started out making surfer style footwear and then changed to women’s footwear. I have recently gotten into desert boots. I thought they were kind of weird looking but my opinion has changed. Matiko makes a great desert wedge. The color , called Sid Yellow, looks at little Brady Bunch/ Partridge Family, but I like it. The costs $172  and is a shoe that I think is becoming a new classic. Photo from Moxsie.

More of London Fashion Week

Fashion Week is still going strong in London. Milan Fashion Week will start in a few days. Until then, let me tell you about a few shows that I think really caught my eye. The Eley Kishimoto show seemed really interesting. A lot of the clothes were brightly colored and had lots of patterns. It was a very fun looking collection. Clements Ribeiro’s collection looked to be more toned down than the Kishimoto show at first glance. Then you notice the embellished fabrics, paisley prints, marbleized blouses, and decorated boots. I really loved the sweaters that were far from plain. Roksanda Ilincic’s collection was really beautiful. It was full of wool, fur, satin, and draping. I love all of those things, but it takes skill to be able to pull it together. The clothes in this collection reminded me of the movie Miss Pettigrew Lives For A Day. At first I thought I would not like the Erdem collection, because everyone was raving about it on Twitter, but I was surprised. It was really good. The colors were swirled around into this pattern that reminded me of a butterfly or some tropical fish. There were also long and short dresses. That shows a good bit of variety. Photos are from London Fashion Week.

Caution Detour Ahead!

Photo from Flickr.

The past week or so has been rough.

  1. I’ve been sick since Valentine’s Day. I feel better, but I still have a lingering, nagging cough.
  2. I did advisement for classes, and it turned out pretty wretched. I have to take classes and do my mid-point review this summer. I don’t have any classes scheduled for next fall because the other class I need isn’t being offered this summer or fall. The other classes I need to take later on are on hold because I can’t even try to take them until I pass my mid-point review.
  3. So now I am probably not moving to New York City this summer, or any time this year.

I am trying to think positively. I am trying to tell myself that it is all for the best… etc… etc. I guess I just need to be patient and let life happen as it is supposed to happen, but I feel like I am missing out on certain opportunities. Everything happens for a reason. I just hope these setbacks are happening for a good reason.

London Fashion Week

London Fashion Week is halfway through. As usual London Fashion Week is the smallest of all the major fashion weeks, but creates some of the most creative looks. Bodyamr presented some amazing Grecian inspired clothes with wonderful draping. Hakaan showed excellent, architectural, and very short dresses that are great for the girl who wants to show her legs no matter how cold it is. The thing that pissed me off was Mark Fast. I am glad that Mark Fast uses plus size models in his shows, but just like last season, he decided to put them in completely unflattering clothes. I mean his clothes don’t look all that great on the regular models either, but I thought he would have learned his lesson from last season. Put the models in clothes that fit. Don’t just stuff them into clothes that purposely make them look fat to draw attention to that fact that you use plus size models. Photos from London Fashion Week.

Rose Cordero Cover French Vogue

From Clutch Magazine:

Vogue Paris’ March cover is a milestone issue featuring it’s second Black model since Liya Kebede. Rose Cordero is a stunning site in Vuitton with some of the best styling we’ve seen in recent fashion pages. It’s a Spanish military influence with the use of knitwear, corsetry while the function of the belt takes on a different form as a neck-piece. Congrats to Cordero, clearly a rising star.





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Dresses for Fall 2010

Many of the designers during New York Fashion Week have been showing skinny pants, wide leg pants, leggings, and even shorts. Dresses have been really short or really long, extremely wide or extremely tight, and overly plain or overly ornate. There seems to be an absence of trends. Some designers chose knitwear or leather. Some silks and satins. I have been saying for a while that there aren’t really any big trends. There a plenty of micro trends though. It is up to you to choose which one is for you. Photos from

Fall 2010 Trends

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If you have been following the shows in New York, you have probably seen lots of leather, velvet, fur, menswear for women, and leggings.  New York is telling the world that those are the trends that are in for the fall. PETA will not be happy about this.  Two collections that used a bit of all of those elements were the Altuzarra and Alexander Wang collections. Photos from
The Altuzarra collection had lots of leather, velvet, menswear influences. A lot of the pieces were very tight and structured. Some of the tuxedos and fur coats reminded me of Tom Ford’s run at Gucci  There was one catsuit that reminded me of Michelle Pfeiffer’s Catwoman catsuit from Batman. Many of the leather pieces had stitching criss crossing along the outer parts of the garments.
The Alexander Wang collection had plenty of menswear, leather, and velvet to go around.  Velvet was draped over the arms or made into short dresses. Some velvet hung from backpacks. Chunky platform heels were draped with the bottoms of extra long leggings.  There was an excellent motorcycle jacket that Wang elongated all the way to the floor. Some people were put off by the menswear look in  the collection. It was either a you like it or not collection. I must say, the unwearableness of the collection caught me off guard, but I can appreciate the art of it all.

New York Fashion Week Day Three

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New York Fashion Week Fall 2010 is looking pretty good. I haven’t seen many collections that would make me say “Ummm what was that about?” There were a few but not as many as the Spring shows. Some of those shows were dreadful, but who knows? We are only on day three. Photos from
Christian Siriano is moving quite along after winning Project Runway. You don’t see many of the winners, or non-winners for that matter, doing much after the show. Only a handful make a successful career or build unto their old career after the show. Christian’s collection was full of sophisticated dresses and pants for grown and confident women. I love the structured jackets. There was something very architectural about them. I also adored the evening gowns that blew many people who live tweeted the show away.
Canadian Jeremy Laing truly knows how to layer clothing. I suppose all those frigid Canadian winters taught him a thing or two. Pants, leggings, over-the-knee boots, shirts, and fur coats were expertly layered just enough to see each piece. Obviously the over-the-knee boot and the short body conscious dress aren’t going anywhere. The graphic prints on the fabrics added something different to the mix as well.

New York Fashion Week Day Two

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It’s day two of fashion week, and the designers are bringing great fashion. Jenny Kao showed a dark, sculptural knit, leather, and fur based collection. I even saw a hot bodysuit in there. It looked like something the goth kids would wear in high school.  I thought it was amazing. I really like that she tried evening wear.  She needs some help, but Kao is off to a good start. Great collection. Prepare to see this on the Oak website next fall. The Cynthia Steffe collection reminded me of the sexy schoolgirl with the devil may care attitude. Shaun Kearney designed fur lined anoraks, flouncy skirts, and and knee high shocks. Perfect for the woman who wants to dress young but doesn’t want to look ridiculous.*Cue Mariah Carey* The only thing I thought was out of place was the zebra looking skirt. That was kind of weird. I can’t wait to see the school themed editorials that pop up in magazines. Photos from

Winter Inspired Icy Eye

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As I told you guys earlier in the week, I wanted to bring you all some winter skincare/makeup tips. Today’s guest post comes from Amanda from Fashion, Love, and Martinis. She is going to show us how to do a icey wintery eye. Perfect for the snow everyone has been getting. Thanks so much Amanda. I can’t wait to try this look out!

 Products used:
Too Faced Shadow Insurance N.Y.C. Smooth Skin Loose Face Powder MAC mineralize e/s – Polar Opposite, Sea & Sky MAC Shroom e/s L’Oreal HIP cream liner – black Maybelline Lash Stiletto mascara Benefit Brow Zings Boots No. 7 Intelligent Balance Mousse foundation (#15 Buff) Fresh Here Comes the Sun Face Palette Rimmel 1000 Kisses liner – Tiramisu Nivea A Kiss of Moisture lip balm

I also won a Princess blog award from The Trendy Fashionista! YAY!
#1-Thank the person who gave you the award and include a link to their blog. Thank you Trendy Fashionista. You are beyond tresmazing!
#2-Mention an author you love: Zora Neale Hurston
#3- Mention an author you like: Anne Rice
#4- A book you love: Right now I am reading “A Year in High Heels” by Camilla Morton
#5-Something that always thrills you: Cupcakes
#6-Something you hate: Rude and unhappy people that want to spread their miserable vibes to you! URGH! ERGH!
#7-Pass the award onto 7 other blogs: Actually I am passing this on to all of my female readers because I feel we all need to take a day out of the busy week to live like a princess.

New York Fashion Week Begins On A Somber Note

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As you all know New York Fashion begun yesterday with the news of Alexander McQueen’s death.  I think everybody took his death pretty hard. He will be missed. Death and the Snowpocalypse could not stop NYFW. It still moved on at a slower and somber pace. Photos from
Vena Cava was amazing. Sophie Buhai and Lisa Mayock showed what looked like a 1970s Studio 54 meets the wild west. I saw a lot of silk, Western inspired jewelry, and wool. The floppy hats and turtlenecks were a nice touch too. Question to the ladies, will you be sporting Vena Cava’s fall short and fishnet stocking look come fall? Cute yes, but practical? I guess it depends on the climate.
Shipley & Halmos was another awesome collection. Sam Shipley and Jeff Halmos really know how to dress a modern woman. The alpaca sweaters and sweatshirts are not only practical for the fall, but they look nice too. The pants were slim fitting, and I even saw a pair of jeans. I wish they would of had a few more jean offerings so there would be a balance between jeans and dress pants. The best thing about the collection were the fur lined coats. Whoever buys them will be so warm next fall.
The thing I liked about Lyn Devon’s collection was that it was full of bright, playful basics that I am sure Audrey Hepburn would have loved to wear. Devon’s collection featured classic cropped and slim pants, cropped shirts, full skirts, playful patterns, and beautiful wool jackets. A perfect collection for the woman who doesn’t like her fashion fussy.
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Lee Alexander McQueen, 17 March 1969 – 11 February 2010
Photo from the London Daily Mail
I am crying right now. I am totally beside myself with grief. Why? According to the London Daily Mail Alexander McQueen, aka one of my fashion designer idols, is dead. He committed suicide and his body was found today. I am crying right now. I always thought that one day I would get to meet this tailoring genius. I know he was extremely upset at the passing of his mother last week. My mother always says it takes a very strong person to kill oneself. I just wished he could have pushed through the pain, but you never truly know what he was going through. I hope we can all remember him for the great things that he has done during his time on Earth. Let us think of the time he sent a hologram of Kate Moss down the runway. Let us think of the time he put a model on turntable and spray painted her dress with robotic arms, and let us not forget his beautiful Spring 2010 show from last fall. You will be missed. 

McQueen is Dead! Long LIVE McQueen!


I Want These Shoes!

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I haven’t really been into the whole clog craze, but I really like the Lace-up Boot from Swedish Hasbeens.  This color is called natural. They have a black pair too, but I have too many black boots. Too bad they cost almost $400. I did find these less cloggy looking boots from Urban Outfitters that costs $68. This is more in my price range, but who knows? I may find something cheaper somewhere else. Photo from Swedish Hasbeens and Urban Outfitters.

Winter Cat Eyes

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This week I wanted to do something different. I wanted to bring you all some guest posts from beauty bloggers, so you could get some great winter beauty tips. Today’s post comes from Felicia York. Felicia is a make up artist who owns DaLipstickBandit Cosmetics. You can check on her blog DaLipstickBandit, her online store DLB Cosmetics, and her twitter @dlbcosmetics.
We all have those days…Monday has approached us full speed ahead and the weekend’s debauchery is not quite behind us. We’re tired and we look tired. It’s one thing to be one without looking the other. Many women think the trick to looking younger or looking well-rested is to add Here’s a quick trick to looking alive when all you want to do is crawl under a rock.
The Cat Eye
So easy to achieve an even easier to take from day to night. The cat eye is basically liquid eyeliner that has been winged at the outer corner of the eye. By keeping the focus at the top of the eye, you’re drawing attention away from any bags or dark circles that are lurking under. Keep liner and mascara at the lower lash line very basic – just enough to define the eye. Stay away from smokey looks as they’re too heavy and will bring out darkness or bags you may have. Concealer is you friend! Make sure you have the right one to cover up the under-eye tell tale signs that you didn’t get a full 8 hours last night. Make sure to moisturize skin and drink plenty of water to look hydrated. For a daytime look, keep skin and lips as nude as possible. If you must use a blush, use one that gives you a natural flush (soft pink) or a bronzey glow.  To take from day to night, add a sexy lip color and voila!  Pretty and easy!Photos from DLB.