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 Happy Memorial Day!

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Quinn showed you the latest summer fashion trends in her video last week. If you haven’t seen it, please watch it. One of the other trends I like this summer is LACE, LACE, LACE! Here are a few pictures that show many lace options. There are awesome dresses, shorts, leggings, and tops that are great for this summer.  Click them for info.

Viva La Summer Trends !!!! (Special message at the end)

Viva La Summer Trends on Vimeo.

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CH-CH-CH-Changes Again?!?!?

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Check out Business of Fashion today. 
They have all of the latest news on the designer changes that several labels are going through:

Sarah Burton confirmed as Creative Director at Alexander McQueen (Telegraph)
“A statement from Alexander McQueen and its ‘parent’ company, Gucci Group, announced that Burton will supervise the creative direction and development of all collections of the brand going forwards.”

New Designer at Hermès (NY Times)
“After seven years, Jean Paul Gaultier is giving up his ready-to-wear duties at Hermès and will be replaced by Christophe Lemaire, who has been designing for Lacoste since 2000. Mr. Gaultier’s move was expected, but the replacement was something of a surprise.”

Olivier Theyskens to Design for Theory (NY Magazine)
“Olivier Theyskens hasn’t been producing clothes since he was dismissed from Nina Ricci after his adored fall 2009 collection. But he’s finally landed a gig doing a capsule collection for Theory.”

U.K. Bans Two Vuitton Ads (WSJ)
“The U.K.’s Advertising Standards Authority Wednesday banned two Louis Vuitton print ads that it says could have misled consumers into thinking its products are handmade, when in fact the luxury brand also uses machines.”

Giles Deacon Talks Taking The Reins At Ungaro (
“‘When I was doing my foundation course, before I ever got to Saint Martins, I was a really big fan of Ungaro. The Ratti prints were immediately appealing to my magpie eye… [what] I want to do is assimilate all that and make a new version.’”

As I stated before, Giles Deacon is going to Ungaro. JPG is out at Hermes and Christophe Lemarie is in at the luxury brand. Olivier Theyskens, who was dropped from Nina Ricci… BIG MISTAKE!, is now at Theory?!?!?!? Last but not least is the shocker that really isn’t all that shocking to me at all. Sarah Burton is now the Creative Director of Alexander McQueen. She has worked closely with McQueen for over a decade. I have faith in her, granted I am afraid that too many people will try to compare her to Alexander McQueen. That is to be expected though.

This Is So Not Cool!

Today is the last day to enter in the Maurices Tote Contest!

Even though I am not surprised by this at all, it still pisses me off. I am going to boycott American Apparel for a while. I really want them to make plus size clothes because I love their basics. Oh well. I guess I will just have to come up with an American Apparel company for the market they don’t want money from.

From Jezebel:



Recently, LA-based BBW, adult star, erotic performer and model April Flores went to American Apparel. She asked the showroom rep if they ever considered making plus sizes, and the woman told Flores, “That’s not our demographic.”
Lillian Behrendt saw this anecdote on Flores’ Facebook page and blogged about it at her site, My Unacceptable Body. Behrendt writes:

It’s funny that youth-centric companies like American Apparel are so fascist about the size of the women they’ll cater to, but are much more permissive when it comes to their male clientele. This is where I found the loophole through which I have been supporting a company that openly discriminates against people who look like me. I wear American Apparel men’s briefs. Almost exclusively. I probably have about 20 pairs. The picture of me on the About page? I’m wearing a purple acid-washed deep V-neck from American Apparel. I have lots of their deep V-neck shirts, not to mention a pair of suspenders, some dresses that are WAY TOO SMALL and two bowties. Not your demographic? Are you fucking KIDDING me? 

Actually, American Apparel’s men’s slacks don’t come with a waist size larger than 34 — which, at a traditional company like Land’s End, is a medium.

Read the rest here.

LaQuan Smith’s Water Goddess

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LaQuan Smith is getting everyone from the New York Times to Andre Leon Talley to notice his clothes. They have been seen on many celebrities including Cassie. He is only 21 years old, but the buzz around him is crazy. The clothes are hip, cute, sexy, sassy, and sophisticated. I think we will see these clothes on many more celebs and red carpets soon. His “Water Goddess” collection for A/W 2010 is tresmazing, and the lookbook is modeled by Sessilee Lopez. Loves it.

Photos from LaQuan Smith







Has the Ungaro Drama Been Solved?

Don’t for get to enter in the Maurices Contest!! It ends Thursday!

From The Cut blog:

With the housekeeping finally complete and Lindsay Lohan and Estrella Archs tossed out like cigarette-burned leggings, Emanuel Ungaro has finally appointed a new designer: Giles Deacon. The designer — a designer first and foremost by profession, it must be noted — will stage a presentation at Paris Fashion Week in October, and probably another presentation for the following Fashion Week in March. He wants to really get his feet wet before hitting the runway — no slapdash “I wasn’t aware of the nipple tassels on the girls until they were walking out” kinds of collections.

Read the rest here.

I think this is great, but there have been so many designers at Ungaro since the namesake designer left six years or so ago. I hope Giles Deacon can do something great with this brand because it needs some help. I actually did my final project on Ungaro. I had to pick a fashion company and rejuvenate it. I can’t wait to get my grades back.

Giveaway Time!

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Remember that store called Maurices? I reviewed a pair of the jeans a few months ago. I have to say that I wear their Morgan jeans EVERY week. They make my butt look so amazing. I think it has something to do with the rise and size of the pockets on the jeans. The good thing about Maurices is that they sell straight and plus sizes. They also have stores around the country and a store online at YAY!

This weekend only, if you spend $60, you get a free tote or free pair of sunglasses!

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The Fat and Skinny Is Back!

Don’t forget to shop The Fat and Skinny Shop for sizes 8-20, L-3X!

The Fat and Skinny is back with a brand new design thanks to Abecedarian! Thanks for helping me out so much. We are still tweaking some things, but the site is up and running. I hope you like everything, and if you notice anything wonky, feel free to let me know.  Also my Google Friend Connect count is all wonky. Please rejoin GFC or join if you haven’t yet. Thanks everyone!

P.S. I am going to start catching up on my blog reading and commenting since I am done with exams now!

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OPI Shrek-tastic Mini Nail Set

Hey guys! It’s Quinn here, and this video is a little different from my previous videos. The video will display the different O.P.I nail colors in the Shrek-Tacular Mini Set that you can purchase from your local Ulta store. I absolutely love them. They are just as bold and bright as you see them in the package. My favorite color is What’s with the Cattitude? Check out the video and let me know which color you think you would like best.

*I purchased these nails myself. I did not receive them as a freebie for review.

Thanks Quinn for posting this awesome video!
Don’t forget to shop The Fat and Skinny Shop for sizes 8-20, L-3X!

I Can’t Wait For The Chanel Movie

Don’t forget to shop The Fat and Skinny Shop for sizes 8-20, L-3X!
I can’t wait to see this movie. I remember seeing still shots on a blog last month. The clothes were so fabulous. Now all I have to do is figure out what time it is here when Europe is going through 7:30 CET. If anyone knows let me know. I am EST.

Oh one more thing! Crystal Renn is supposed to walk in the Chanel Resort show in St. Tropez today! WHAT WHAT!

From Modelinia:
After her appearance on the red carpet at the Met Ball with Karl Lagerfeld, model fans have been discussing the possibilities on the horizon for Elisa Sednaoui. Chanel campaign? New besties? Model/designer collaboration?

It seems Elisa is the model actress of Karl’s eye. Tomorrow, the designer will unveil his brand new film, Remember Now, as part of the massive Chanel Cruise 2011 presentation in Saint Tropez. As you know, the cast is filled with models, including Karolina Kurkova, Magdalena Frackowiak, Heidi Mount, Freja Beha Erichsen, and Abbey Lee Kershaw, but it seems Elisa has a very special, leading lady role! She stars alongside Pascal Greggory in the short film, full of models, Chanel designs, and hints of Karl – including a pile of iPods. The full film will air on Tuesday May 11th, 7:30 PM CET on Chanel News.
With her movie roles in mind, this is the perfect marriage of fashion and film for Elisa.


Don’t forget to shop The Fat and Skinny Shop for sizes 8-20, L-3X!

Check out this neat little video. I heart Pat McGrath so much. She serves as a make-up artist and successful black woman inspiration to me. Pat McGrath does such amazing work and she hasn’t had any formal training!

I have been dying to try this look for quite some time. I think I will after finals.

From Makeup Paparazzi

Plus Size Models in French Marie Claire!

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I want to thank 12+ UK Model Management for giving me the heads up on this. Two of their models, Hayley Morley & Laura Catteral, will be in the June issue of French Marie Claire. These pictures are so gorgeous. Everyone looks so beautiful. I can’t describe it. I really hope American magazines start doing things like this. Most of the magazines that have featured plus size models have been foreign magazines. Marie Denee from The Curvy Fashionista has a awesome article on this.

NSFW pics are below

Richardo Tisci Is Playing The Crying Game?

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Apparently Ricardo Tisci is using a transsexual model for the new Givenchy ad campaign. I know some people will love this idea and some people will hate it. What I want people to realize is the fact that this is nothing new and no I am not talking about Isis from ANTM. The fashion industry has had transsexual models work the runways and do things like this before. You just never knew about it because it wasn’t something that was publicized. I like the ads, and have no problems with the fashion world using transsexual models.Tell me your thoughts on this. I want to know how you feel.

From Stylehop:


The new Givenchy ad campaign is breaking boundaries by using a transexual model in the photos. Riccardo Tisci has cast transexual model Lea T. in the fall/winter campaign for the fabulous brand. Lea has known Tisci for a long time, being his personal assistant, and is also a former fit model. Tisci also explains that the use of Lea further adds to the female-male dichotomy that he has always tried to play up in the brand’s advertisements. I think the photos came out beautifully and I am so glad to see all people being represented in advertisements. Now we have plus size models and transexual models gracing the pages of magazines, it’s definitely a sign of the time we live in.
– Amy Huckabay


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I am so sick and tired of the backlash from the YFF Conference. Gabi doesn’t have the money to invite a million people. It has nothing to do with ego, and for the people getting mad for her joking about your jealousy and hate and stupidity… GET A LIFE! Stop being silly and realize how stupid you look. Half of the reason you guys comment under the name “Anonymous” is because you know you look silly. Get over it. This isn’t what the fatshion community is about. Got me all mad. I am stuttering on the video. Bwahahah!

And STOP leaving comments like this on Gabi’s Formspring!


Another Viva La Qbee03 Beauty Video!

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Today’s video is great because it shows you how to get sun kissed skin without using self tanners and laying out in the sun. I hope you enjoy this video since summer is approaching.Thanks for the video Quinn. You can check out her blog here. Be sure to check out the other Viva La Qbee03 posts on this blog.


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