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Personal Goals and Aspirations/Maura Kelly Update

So I have talked about wanting to sew since I was a little girl and on this blog since the beginning. The problem is that I have broken about 6 or 7 sewing machines. I think the number is at 6. The last time I tried to sew something I got to the bottom of the dress and the machine stopped working. It literally let out a large sigh and blew up or clonked out on me.
Janome Hello Kitty sewing machine

I really like this Hello Kitty Janome Sewing Machine. Everybody says it is easy to use and sews slowly. One of the reasons my last sewing machine broke was because I wasn’t used to the speed of the needle. It was way to fast. Every website that I have been on has given this sewing machine great ratings. I think this is going to be my Christmas gift to myself. Wish me luck!

Also I haven’t spoken on the Maura Kelly controversy because I feel like everyone has said what I wanted to say. Fat people are people. Skinny people are people. Black-Mexican-Indian-Insert Any Race Here are people. Gay people are people. Insert any and every marginalized person here. I think the people that said what I wanted to say the best are Depeche Mode.

Here are the lyrics to their song People are People.

People are people so why should it be
You and I should get along so awfully

So we’re different colours
And we’re different creeds
And different people have different needs
It’s obvious you hate me
Though I’ve done nothing wrong
I never even met you
So what could I have done

I can’t understand
What makes a man
Hate another man
Help me understand

People are people so why should it be
You and I should get along so awfully

Help me understand

Now you’re punching and you’re kicking
And you’re shouting at me
I’m relying on your common decency
So far it hasn’t surfaced
But I’m sure it exists
It just takes a while to travel
From your head to your fist

I can’t understand
What makes a man
Hate another man

Help me understand

Stop Stealing My Look!!!

I was asked to read an article about trendsetter Tarik Malak for class.  He is a pretty cool person. I find him to be extremely creative and intelligent. If you don’t know, he started the fashion photo retouching company La Boutique, and then started Swell a few years later. Swell is company set on helping fashion and luxury brands navigate the digital seas.

After the reading the interview, I was pretty convinced that Malak was a very in the know person, so I was really happy that  he gave us a peek at some of his favorite websites. One of the websites he mentioned was Stop Stealing My Look. I had never heard of this blog before, so I gave it a look.

Stop Stealing My Look is an amazing blog! I can’t believe I’ve been missing out on this website. The pictures are great, especially the editorial and ad campaigns. SSML’s accessories posts are giving me so much life and inspiration. I see new shoes, bags, and jewelry I like, and you all know I am not a jewelry person.

They also host really chic events full of very fashionable people. I get outfit ideas just from looking at the party pics. The blog is full of style, so it is no wonder that the two creators of the blog wrote this quote about themselves in their About page, “We, however, are simply the hunters, hunters of all things style, not fashion. That is, because fashion goes out of style, but style never goes out of fashion.”

Check Out This Video Featuring Cynthia Rowley and Move! at MOMA PS1

MOVE! is a two-day “art and fashion explosion” taking over all three floors of MoMA PS1′s Long Island City hub. It’s happening this Saturday, October 30 and Sunday, October 31 from noon to 6:00 PM and is open to the public.

MOVE! will feature a series of collaborative performances and temporary installations created by fourteen fashion designers teamed up directly with fourteen artists.

Awesome News For Target’s Go International Fans

Target has awesome news for fans of their Go International line of designer collaborations. To celebrate the fifth anniversary of the Go International Collection they are bringing back your favorite pieces with a greatest hits type collection. I am so excited for this. I can’t wait to see which pieces they bring back.  Which designers/pieces are you excited for? Check out more information below. Photo From The Smart Stylist.

To celebrate its fifth year of supporting industry-leading designers, Target announces the GO International Designer Collective, a collection of 34 dresses from 17 previously featured GO International designers.  The collection includes signature dresses from Luella Bartley, Tara Jarmon, Paul & Joe, Behnaz Sarafpour, Proenza Schouler, Libertine, Alice Temperley, Erin Fetherston, Jovovich-Hawk, Rogan, Richard Chai, Jonathan Saunders, Thakoon, Tracy Feith, Rodarte, Zac Posen and Tucker.  The exclusive designer styles were originally created for the Target GO International program and will be available March 13, 2011 through April 10, 2011 at most Target stores and online at Target.com. The GO International Designer Collective underscores Target’s ongoing commitment to fashion talent and the belief that everyone deserves great design at an affordable price.

Sunglass Hut Full Time Fabulous Contest Ends Today!


Aspiring bloggers don’t forget to enter the Sunglass Hut Full Time Fabulous Contest! It ends today, but you still have a chance to enter. Listed below is the incredibly awesome prize. Good luck!

For one year, the Full Time Fabulous blogger will live in a chic, fully-furnished apartment in New York, attend high profile fashion week events, receive a generous clothing allowance, and socialize with designers, models and celebrities. In addition to providing a $100,000 compensation, Sunglass Hut will cover all travel and expenses.

More Fashionistas Flock To Gossip Girl Next Week

I can’t wait for next week’s Gossip Girl episode 4.07-“War of the Roses”. It is going to be fabulous. Cynthia Rowley, Joe Zee, and Rachel Zoe are going to be on there. You know I love all of those people, especially Cynthia Rowley.

During next week’s episode Cynthia Rowley will be wearing a glass cabochon top and printed leather heels from the Spring 11 Collection, as well as a feather tutu now available at http://www.CynthiaRowley.com.

This week on GG they had Tim Gunn and Ivanka Trump, now this. I am really loving the cameos this season. Another cool thing is that the show will feature a performance by Robyn. I have loved her every since the mid-90s. I think I have all her singles, even the European ones and ones in Swedish. Total fan.

What The Heck Was Jessica White Thinking?

Jessica White
Jessica White was arrested the other day for fighting over a cab…..a cab?!?!? I know cabs can be hard to find late at night in NYC, but if you are a top model, you should be able to call a car service to get you home. This behavior is unacceptable. We don’t tolerate it with Naomi Campbell, so why would we tolerate if from you Jessica White. I mean really were any of the things mention in the NY Post article necessary?

According to the court complaint, White “pulled the victim’s hair and struck [the victim] numerous times in the face with her hand, causing abrasions, swelling and substantial pain.”
Jessica please do better. You are more famous for who you date and who you hit up side the head, than you modeling. Please, I ask you, do better.

Lindsey Wixson Is Unrecognizable

Sixteen year old American modeling sensation Lindsey Wixson is unrecognizable in this ad for Versace’s newest perfume, Vanitas. I am not gonna lie, the ad is hot, but I didn’t even know it was her. Lindsey is doing so well right now. She walked a ton of big shows this season, and she is building a nice portfolio with her ad campaigns. Pretty sweet for a high schooler. Photo from The Cut.

Lindsey Wixson

Covet Magazine Is A Source Of Inspiration

South Carolina stylist Brian Maynor has created a magazine without articles, but full of pictures. Covet Magazine is a new magazine made strictly for models, photographers, makeup artists, stylists, and other creative professionals in the fashion industry to show and present their work.  Not only is this magazine a source of inspiration, but it is a well of talent.The first picture of each set of photos has the name of the professionals who made it possible listed below. Check out Covet Magazine now, and submit your work too!

ASK TFAS-Fall Nail Polish Colors

ELF Cosmetics Nail Polish

Hey guys and gals! It is ASK TFAS time again!





Hey Jai,

My questions are short and sweet. What nail polish colors do you think are great for the fall, and where can I buy them?


My Answer:

Well… I love nail polish. I think it is a great way to do something different with yourself. If you don’t like it, you can just wipe it off with some nail polish remover and start over. I have had every color under the sun, and I have tried several brands. One brand that I like is ELF Cosmetics. Their nail polish colors are trendy, and they are priced at ONE DOLLAR, but hurry!!!! Like I said, their nail polish colors are very trendy, so they sell out very fast. Below are some of my favorite fall nail colors.


If you have a question that you want up for consideration, email me at thefatandskinnyblog[at]gmail[dot]com.

Finally Macy’s Gets Some Fast Fashion

Finally Macy’s is taking a stab at fast fashion. It has worked for Target, H & M, and countless other brands in the past decade. I think it is about time, and I can’t wait. Just like Target, Macy’s will have a series of designer lines. When one designer is done, the new one will begin selling their wares. Kinder Aggugini, big in London but not here…yet, will be the first designer. I can’t wait to see what he will bring to Macy’s. This is all very exciting!
Kinder Aggugini
From The New York Times:

The collection for Macy’s, which will be sold at about 250 locations, will cost $50 to $300 and is targeted toward younger customers who shop in its Impulse departments. “This customer loves to shop,” said Jeff Gennette, the chief merchandising officer of Macy’s. “She wants to be in our store all the time, and we’d better be interesting.”

Thank You Carolina Bloggers!

I would like to thank Teowanna, Kaela, and Mikelle from Carolina Blogging for throwing an amazing get together! They brought together some of South Carolina’s most popular bloggers for a luncheon at the Blue Marlins’ Vista Room. Thanks Brian Dukes for the lovely food. Heather Solos from Home-EC 101 and Kiesha Easley from We Blog Better spoke to us abut blogging. I can’t wait for Heather Solos book to come out. I think I want to turn my blog into a book one day, and I have already started implementing some of Kiesha’s blogging tips. I can’t wait for the results. Fire Fly Vodka, Cheetah’s Gourmet Chocolates, and SC Exotic Creations provided us with delightful goodies.  My friend Najee’s outfit was a convo starter. He even got featured on fellow luncheon guest Lord Maxwell’s blog. It was great!

blue marlin restaurant columbia sc

jai marshall

najee wilson

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