Congrats To Friend Of The Blog Kristinit!

Her Kristinit silk Goddess dress was featured on the cover of Apparel News last week! That is big news.

To celebrate this and the holidays she is offering a coupon for 50% off anything in the online shop:
Just enter the coupon code HOLIDAY 50 to receive 50% off your total order during checkout!

Trend Report: Maxi-Skirt


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The hemline might be demure, but the maxi skirt we’re seeing this fall is anything but.  This skirt is less flower-child and more Morticia Adams, making it all together more elegant, edgy and devastatingly sexy.

Most girls make the mistake of thinking that anything with more fabric is instantly more figure flattering. While the longer skirt can be a god-send to girls who aren’t too crazy about their legs, you still have to be conscious of the fit in order to avoid looking like a brick instead of a bombshell.

Fit and Flare

Same rule as the wide-leg trousers applies to the maxi-skirt: there is nothing less-flattering than fabric just hanging from the hips.

Find a skirt that sits at your natural waist and ends about an inch or less from the ground, as it will visually lengthen your leg line. Make sure it hugs the waist, hips and butt, then flares out from the bottom.

This is the most flattering cut because it showcases all those things that makes us women (flaunt it if you got it girl!) and the flare at the bottom balances out the top  half.

Keep it Slinky

Find a fabric that flows with your shape, a heavy jersey or thin tropical wool works well.

As much as I loathe synthetic fabrics, this is one case where a touch of spandex or viscose for stretch and drape is also a plus.

Break the Rules

Your grandma will certainly tell you that long skirts are only for evening and the lower the skirt the lower the heel.

But as it’s 2010 you can toss those old rules out the window right alongside not mixing metals and matching your purse to your shoes. Wear it with an old band tee and denim jacket for day, and rock it with a pair of stilettos a la Alexander Wang for Friday night.

The only rule that you need to live by? Define at least one body part, whether you belt in a tiny waist, show off an enviable decolletage and shoulders, or bare your beautiful arms, when dealing with this much fabric and volume it’s important to still show off that body you’ve got under there!




Evening by erind90 featuring black tops

Erin at Pixel Perfect

Justin Bieber Has A Strange New ‘Do

Apparently The Biebz showed up in New York City recently with a brand new hairdo. Now if you ask me, I totally think that his hair looks the same minus the sweeping comb over side bang and less product. It really just looks like he just stepped out of bed and didn’t shake his hair. Maybe the bangs are a little shorter. I wanted to talk about how crazy it is that people are talking about his hair change, but then I realized I was writing a whole post on his hair.

So…ummm….yeah! Let’s move right along…shall we? Great. Now let’s talk about the strange thing that I noticed while checking out Sir Biebz-A-Lot’s hair. He now looks like he could be Emma Watson’s twin. Seriously who knew they shared similar features. This is really quite bizarre if you ask me. Anywho, give it a gander and tell me what you think. Photos from NY Daily Mag and Chareyes.

The Biebz

justin bieber

The Hermione

emma watson

Jeffrey Campbell Has Turned Pink With New Shoes On Solestruck

Jeffrey Campbell and Solestruck are now selling a collection of pink shoes. I can’t believe it. The pink kind of looks like a certain tummy medicine, but I’m not complaining because they are really cute. Maybe it is the girl in me, but I could totally see myself in at least one, or two, or three of these shoes. I mean really this pink is so light and pale. I actually think it is perfect. I can’t wait to see how all of the style blog ladies wear these shoes. I’m sure they will provide inspiration for days. Check these shoes out at

jeffrey campbell pink

Alexa Chung and PBS???

alexa chung

Photo from here.

Yes it is totally true! Alexa Chung is going to have a show on PBS with’s special projects editor, Maya Singer. By the time her MTV show finally grew on, it was canceled. I actually think her PBS show will do well though. Why? While I realize that PBS has a different audience, I think that station’s audience will appreciate the nature of her show “Thrift America”.

Chung and Singer are going to go around the country thrift shopping and looking for unique vintage pieces. If the other women who frequent that channel won’t watch, no worries. I’m sure the hipsters that follow Alexa Chung’s every move will watch a style show on PBS for the kitsch factor alone.

This is what the New York Times has to say about the new show:

Think of it as “Antiques Roadshow” meets the foodie romp “Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations.” Ms. Singer said viewers hoping to replicate Ms. Chung’s high-low style will see firsthand, “What does Alexa Chung pull out of the crap bin at the yard sale?”

Trend Report: Kitten Heels

It’s Thanksgiving weekend, which means football games, home-cooked meals, and some serious R&R.

So let’s just kick back, relax, and enjoy some serious shoe candy.

Easy on the eyes and the feet, kitten heels are a great new shoe trend for heel lovers everywhere. No longer do you have to choose between comfort and fashion.

So stock up on this trend to wear to work, to play and everywhere in between.

Clockwise from top left: Magdesians Lorena, Tahari Melanie, Paul Mayer Regal, Anne Klein Diamonte, J Renee Sherri , Talbots Haircalf  Kitten Heel, Ros Hommerson Aroma


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The Fat and Skinny Steals and Deals-Black Friday/Cyber Monday 2010

By now I am sure you have seen my ASK TFAS Black Friday shopping tips. Well now I am going to compile a list of Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals that I  have received from my affiliates and other deals that I have seen and complied from around the internet.

*This list will change when I find out new deals.*

Join Shop It To Me for great deals. The word on the street is that Shop It To Me members are getting a secret treat in their inbox for Black Friday.

Kohl’s stores are letting customers make special shopping lists so they can shop online all day on Thanksgiving Day and when stores open at 3am on Black Friday. 20% Own Brands - Women's
Save 20% off ASOS Brand Clothing at Use code “ASOS20” at Checkout. Valid until 11-30-10.

Shop Translated is having a 48 Hour Sale November 26-27 where you can get 50% off all orders of $100 or more. Use code blackfriday2010.

More deals below!

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Norma Ishak: Hand Crafted Luxury

This week I had the opportunity to meet up with a representative from Norma Ishak. This luxury brand based in Lebanon specializes in knitwear accessories that are stitched by hand to perfection from top quality luxury yarns and materials. Norma’s brand is new to the United States but her reputation precedes her. She is known for designing products for royal families and has been in the business of making luxury accessories for the past 30 years. She began designing as a young girl. At 15 Norma had already begun to experiment with pattern making and creating custom pieces. Her passion for knitting started out as a hobby of hers and later grew into a full blown label. The reason Norma decided to concentrate on scarves was because she felt a beautiful piece of neckwear could complete any look.

As a young girl Norma made pieces for friends and family and over time people within her community began to notice her flawless craftsmanship and taste. She crafts all of her pieces from vintage one-of-a-kind- yarns that she has in her personal collection. These yarns that are the life of her designs are acquired from all over the world and are carefully inspected to insure that they are of the utmost quality.

Not only does Norma hand knit and design each individual piece, but she also has good intentions. Women who work under Norma use knitting as a way to gain independence and a sense of self and each woman has her own special piece she works on. This allows them to get out of their normal household environments and express themselves.

A few photos from the meeting:

Jac wearing a few pieces.

Can you believe those beads are actually made of yarn?

One of my favorite pieces. I adore french lace.

More of the collection:

The New Yorker Collection

The Slater Collection

The 54 Collection

The Angora Collection

The One Of A Kind Collection

(All images copywright of Norma Ishak)

After meeting Norma’s daughter Valerie Mouawad, I decided to get a little bit more in depth and figure out more about her mother and her inspirations. Here are a few questions for you the readers:

What inspired your mother to exclusively focus on knitwear?

-Norma likes to focus on knitwear and accessories because she feels it completes a look. Each individual stitch is handcrafted with precision and yarn is a very versatile medium to work in. It can create all kinds of textures and stitches and allows a lot of creativity.

What inspirations did you have in mind while designing your collection?

-There isn’t one general collection. It’s almost like a bunch of mini collections all with their each individual appeal. Norma assigns a woman to a certain stitch and then that woman expands on the stitch and style and does it in several different color schemes. There is no one source of inspiration Norma designs according to what’s inspiring her that moment. This can be any number of things.

Was your mother inspired by any other well known designers as a child?

– She absolutely loves Chanel. That definitely has to be her favorite. Also YSL is another great brand she admires.

Where do you acquire your materials from and what does the process entail?

– A lot of the yarn and materials Norma has are from her personal vintage stock she’s collected over the years. Norma scours many different parts of the world to find the finest materials and just adds them to her personal collection.

How long has the brand been an active label?

– It’s been active for several years. We are more prominent in Lebanon but we are now branching out to the U.S. and have our online store up. We’re looking for a permanent location in New York City as well.

Many thanks to Valerie from Norma Ishak. It was great meeting up and seeing the collection and it defintely made me a fan. If you’d like to shop Norma Ishak simply go to

-Angelena at Hipster Scum

The Versatile Blogger Award

My friend Quinn at VivalaQbee03 gave me the Versatile Blogger Award. Thanks!!!! Now I have to tell seven facts about myself and give the award to seven other bloggers. I’m giving this to all of you, but here are seven facts about me.

1. I rarely have free time to do anything else except blog and do school.

2. I love red velvet cupcakes!

red velvet cupcake

3. I also love Hello Kitty.

4. The Christmas season is my favorite time of the year.

5. I still haven’t given up the hope that one day I will learn how to sew even though I should probably give up that dream.

6. I am going to graduate with my MFA in Fashion Journalism next year. I speak it into existence.

7. I truly believe in making vision boards and so should you.

vision board

Beauty VLOG and OOTD Post

Dorothy Perkins Jacket and Purse, plain black tank, Old Navy Sweetheart Black Jeans,Chanel Pumps

Now that you seen the outfit that I wore to the DeLibel Boutique Anniversary, check me out trying my new lip products from the MAC Tartan Tales collection. I can’t wait to go back to the store and buy some more stuff.

FCC: I bought everything in this posts. MMMKAY!

Here’s what we have coming up next week at BDB:

Sunday 11/21: Special evening sale featuring exotic reptile handbags from Fendi, Judith Leiber, Nancy Gonzalez and more
Monday 11/22: Louis Vuitton Vintage Handbags, Pur Cashmere, Spring & Clifton
Tuesday 11/23: LAmade Kids, Paul Frank Kids, Early Learning Centre Toys, Bodhi Handbags
Thursday 11/26: Happy Thanksgiving to You and Yours!
Friday 11/27: Gray Malin Photography Holiday Sale, Resort Apparel Blowout

All of our sales begin at 8am PST/11am EST and last for 48 hours.

FCC: I bought everything in this posts. MMMKAY!


TFAS Weekly Round-up

Why Don”t We Have A Zara Store Near Us?

Zara Fall 2011

Why don’t we have a Zara store near us? My town is finally getting a Forever 21. I don’t know if it will even carry the Forever 21+ brand. The closest H&M and and Zara stores are three hours away. I would have to drive for three hours, then get stuck in the crazy Atlanta traffic, and stay over night so I wouldn’t be sleepy on the ride home. Perusing the racks at H&M during Lanvin madness is out of the question. Checking out this new Zara collection in the flesh is out of the question as well.

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My Dreams Of Owning A PS1 Might Be Over

proenza schouler ps1
I love the PS ! bag by Proenza Schouler, but they are just so gosh darn expensive. Now they have a patent leather version that looks oh so devine. I love patent leather bags because you can wear them in the rain and not have to worry about them. These are the prices for the bag, Pochette ($895), Medium ($1595), and Large ($1995). Crazy! The purse will only be sold online at
proenza schouler ps1
I am really in love with this bag. It is one of those bags that is classic, even though it is technically new to the It-Bag world. It looks kind of like an old school bag, and those bags never go out of style. I personally would mind having the bag in black, tan, maybe a green, or even a yellow. I feel like those are classic colors that go with everything. Now that the bag comes in patent leather, I want that bag too!
proenza schouler ps1
The Proenza Schouler boys shot a nice little video to go along with their bag. OK who am I kidding. I did not like that video at all. It was hmmmm…. honestly I don’t ever really get their vision for their fashion videos, but that is neither here nor there. What is here and there and everywhere is the fact that I love these bags, and I think they are really special. Bag photos are from the lovely Refinery 29.

Have A Fun Holiday Pick Me Up With Benefit Badgal Mascara

If you are looking for a great holiday pick me up for those holiday office and house parties try Benefit’s BADgal Blue Mascara. That’s right I said BLUE MASCARA. This color will be something different to perk up your look. Try it by itself with some neutral looking makeup and you will rock that party!

Get a free BADgal blue mascara with $40 purchase at Benefit Cosmetics.Offer valid 11.16.10–11.19.10. Don’t forget to add product to bag and enter BLUELASH at checkout.