Of Note…Pat McGrath


After looking at last Thursday’s Prada show, I think we can all say that Pat McGrath is THE Mistress of Make-up, which is why she is the first in a new series I like to call “Of Note.” The look was natural with pinched pink lips, pink cheeks, and light,natural brown eyes. Whenever you see an editorial or runway show with spectacular faces, it is usually her creation. The self-taught beauty queen from England was inspired by her Jamaican mother’s love of fashion, make-up, and old movies. Those influences taught her more about make-up artistry than the few art foundation courses she took at Northampton Art College ever did.

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John Galliano Update

So after I first posted about the John Galliano suspension from Dior it looks like this video, of the designer using anti-Semitic slurs, has been discovered by The Sun newspaper in the UK.

There are some questions I have that need to be answered because the article wasn’t very clear to me:

  1. OK so this film was shot at La Perle, but is it from the same night as the incident?
  2. Who are the people in the video?
  3. Was he provoked? This seems to be what Vogue Italia thinks happened, but does it make it right?

While he does seem a little provoked, he shouldn’t have said those things. I am not a fan of racism. I mean who sits around and says “I love Hitler.” and talks about how you or your family would be “f*cking gassed” with a twinkle in their eye. That is some messed up ish if you ask me.


As always, more details to come, especially since the Dior show is right around the corner.

Video has been taken down.


TFAS Weekly Round-Up

Milan Fashion Week Begins With Gucci and Alberta Ferretti

OK guys and dolls! Milan Fashion Week started with the Gucci and Alberta Ferretti shows, and I’m back with the some regularly scheduled programing. Am I still behind in my work and daily errands….HECK YEAH, but fashion and fashion blogging stops for no one so here I am blogging to you. I actually took some time out of the day yesterday to watch the live streams of the Gucci and Alberta Ferretti shows. I loved them both. I think it was the colors. They will most certainly brighten up fall. Happy 90th Gucci!


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Versace Live Streams Women’s Fall 2011 Show in Milan


For the second season in a row Versace is live streaming their Women’s Fall 2011 show in Milan. Last season it was great, so I can’t wait to view the show tomorrow. I watched the Gucci and Alberta Ferretti shows online yesterday and the Burberry show a day or two ago. Watching the live streams are a great way to get into the action if you can’t be there.

The Versace show will be shown tomorrow Friday February 25 at 1pm EST / 7pm CEST. Go to Versace’s Facebook page to RSVP. When you RSVP, you will get a video message from Donatella Versace herself. Happy Viewing!


Trend Report: Fringe


Credit 1, 2, 3

Being honest, I’m still not 100% sure about this trend yet. I find that it can easily stray into Cowgirl Jane tacky territory.

That being said, I do like the use of fringe in the ’20s flappers sense of the style.

So whether you prefer fringe with a western influence as seen at Ralph Lauren (right) or as a ’20s flapper (left) there are plenty of options for you.

Too shy to try the trend full on? Why not try a pair of fringe boots or a fringe purse?

And remember, fringe is great at smoothing over any lumps or bumps, so girls with a tummy, this trend was made for you.




Erin at Pixel Perfect

Shoe of the Week-Christian Siriano for Payless Spring 2011

Shoe of the WeekChristian Siriano for Payless


Shoe of the week is back people! I am really enjoying the the Christian Siriano shoe line at Payless. There are some really cute shoes in the collection.

While I was standing in line for the Christian Siriano show at NYFW, I noticed the Fiji Water girls wearing some hot shoes. I asked them who the shoes were by, and they said they were Sirano for Payless. Like DUH Jai! I should have known that. The shoes, when they debuted last season, had a higher platform. I guess they made it smaller for the Payless audience. It still looks cute either way.

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Fringe Trend Report: Feather Extensions, Body Chains, and Vintage Manicures


Today we’re taking a short break from our usual programming to bring you a few fringe trends.

I usually try and stay within trends that I know are already close to going mainstream.

But, I feel like it’s still important to keep a look out for those fringe trends. Some die out, some stay on the fringe, and a few do become full blown trends.

So here’s a post on three trends that I’ve been keeping an eye on for a while, we’ll see what happens to them in the next few seasons.

Feather Hair Extensions

Photo Credit

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TFAS Shop Tours: Atelier Minyon

Today’s post is about the lovely jewelry at Atelier Minyon. By the way, sorry for the delay in posting. The day I was supposed to come back from NYC, my flight was delayed. I was also really drained from the fashion week experience. I have been doing so much laundry and homework that my mind is going crazy. Because of that I hope you don’t mind if I skip reporting on London Fashion Week, which sucks because London usually has the most fun fashions. I will start covering Fashion Week again when Milan starts later in the week and finish with Paris.

OK!!! So enough about that and more about Atelier Minyon. I love the people at Atelier Minyon because they are always so nice, and the jewelry is always so interesting, remember the bone bracelet from last September. Totally cool right?!?!? Yup it is.

atelier minyon

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The New York Fashion Week Edition of the TFAS Weekly Roundup

TFAS Weekly Round-Up

AAU Fall 2011 Graduate Fashion Show

I can’t believe I forgot to blog about the Academy of Art (AAU) Fall 2011 Graduate Fashion Show. This one was the best one yet. They always look really good. The students are always so talented, but this year was THE best. I also got to meet my intern Erin from Pixel Perfect. You may recognize her from her uber informative and fun Trend Report posts. All in all a great time was had by all.

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Trend Report: Crochet


Credit: 1, 2, 3

Crochet is closer associated to Grandma’s doilies than haute couture, yet designers have fallen in love with the open weave style for spring. Springing from the sheer trend we’ve seen over the winter, this is a slightly different variation for showing some skin during the warmer months yet still remaining covered up.

The beauty of this trend is its versatility. While designers were focused mainly on crochet tops, this fabric is perfect for skirts, jackets and shoes (crochet espradilles anyone? Too cute!). Considering it’s also a rather subtle trend, it blends perfectly with everything else in your closet, adding  a bit of texture and interest to an outfit.

So how to pull this off without looking like you escaped from the nursing home?

Stick with crochet in a tailored, sleek silhouette. Think on trend a-line skirts or booty hugging pencil skirts. Trim little jackets or a snug crew neck  or cropped sweater.

Pair with other trendy pieces. This may be the only time you will ever hear me say this: this is a trend that is meant to go with other trends. So it’s perfect to pair with a body con skirt, platform wedges, a coral clutch, and flashy oversize jewelery. Wear a bandeau, silk maxi skirt, leather jacket and round sunnies. Anything that reads as young, hip and fashionable is meant to be paired with this piece.

Lastly, crochet is an old, traditional form of knitting that hasn’t been popular since the 70s. So give a nod to tradition and keep the tone natural in whites, creams, nudes, brown or black. I’m afraid that crochet in lime green will read as simply tacky.


Erin at Pixel Perfect