Trend Report: Neon

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For that futuristic wow-factor, nothing really beats neon. Perfect for nights out but also as day wear, designers went bold and bright in a rainbow of electric hues.

A fresh way to wear neon is in one bold swatch as seen above. Of course, neon accessories can take any outfit from drab to club-kid party-ready. So pick a color that looks great on you, and turn it up in a neon.

One caveat is to keep the look modern, keep the lines clean. With a bold statement such as neon there’s no need to add glitter and frills to the piece. Although, I will confess, I’m loving a neon mixed with the tutti-frutti patterns or polka dots for an eccentric look.
Mix and Match

Monday Morning


Untitled by erind90 featuring a pleated skirt

Friday Night


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Charleston Fashion Week 2011 Bridal Show

After a few days of recouping from fashion week, I am finally able to write the last two Charleston Fashion Week posts. On Saturday, I went to my first bridal show, which is weird because my mom plans weddings. When I walked into the tent, it was transformed into a wedding reception with snacks and cakes from the various vendors and plenty of blushing soon to be brides…and a few annoyed fiances too.

There were designs by designers and boutiques YoYo Designs, Modern Trousseau, Charleston Wedding Dress by Alena Fede, Belle Couture Bridal & Kira Elizabeth Designs, White, Maddison Row & Bella Bridesmaid, and Heidi Elnora.

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Shoe of the Week-John Ashford


I met John Ashford and his lovely shoes one night at Charleston Fashion Week. He came all the way down south, by way of NYC, because he had designed some shoes for Emerging Designer La’Dasha Powell. Everyone wanted to look at the shoes that his model Nofar was wearing. They are called “Moon Walker” and she most definitely was walking her way to the moon in those. They were sooo tall!

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Trend Report: Denim

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America’s favorite fabric is big in a whole new way for spring. While denim has been acid-washed, sand-blasted and shredded within an inch of its life in the past decade, for spring we’re looking at a new clean, minimalist look at denim.

Whether you use it for tops, skirts, jumpsuits and of course, jeans, the new look for denim is soft with a dark clean wash and no fading or distressing. While I can’t condone the Texas tuxedo looks above, a great denim mini skirt, jacket or bootcut jeans in a dark wash are a classic that everyone’s closet could use.

However, if you do want to try a denim on denim look, go with two denims in completely contrasting colors, such as a dark wash denim jeans with an acid wash denim shirt.

Denim on Denim


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Of Note…Liya Kebede

This week’s Of Note post will be brief due to my travels for Charleston Fashion Week.

Liya Kebede was born in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia in 1978. Like most famous models, she was spotted out of the blue at the French Lycee by a film director who introduced her to a French modeling agent. From there she began a journey towards a prosperous modeling career by becoming the first woman of color to model for Estee Lauder Cosmetics and landing on the American Vogue cover multiple times.

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Charleston Fashion Week 2011 Night Four

Hey everyone. I am still in Charleston enjoying Charleston Fashion Week. Things have been a blast. I can’t believe toay is the last day of CHSFW and my busiest too. I have the bridal show first, then I have the Gilt-y party at the Cynthia Rowley store and more fashion shows at night. Oh and I still have to pack.

Last night’s shows were very interesting in a good way. We had Sucker Jeans who, if you remember from last year, makes seersucker jeans. They seem really neat, I just wish they styled the show better. Then we had Mary Mojo Boutique & The Shoe Fairy. I enjoyed the clothes more than the shoes, but it was still the same old beachy beachwear.

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Charleston Fashion Week 2011 Night Three

I am writing this to you in my hotel room with one watery eye and a runny nose. I think my allergies have gotten the best of me here at Charleston Fashion Week. Good thing the front desk sells hot pockets and allergy medicine. Hopefully I can churn this post out before the Benadryl sets in!

I was a slack blogger yesterday. I didn’t go to the press lounge for designer interviews. I was stuck in the room doing homework, because some lame teacher assigned homework during Spring Break. Ugh. I did make it to the fashion show last night. On to the reviews…
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Charleston Fashion Week 2011 Night Two

Last night was another amazing night at Charleston Fashion Week. There were two shows featuring local stores and then four shows showing four new Emerging Designers.  The featured designer for the night was another former Emerging Designer from a past Charleston Fashion Week. Let’s get to the reviews.

First things first. I just want to say that last night’s fashion film by Jewell & Ginnie was amazing. It had DJs and Hip Hop. Everybody was dancing in there seats. My new and and old blogging friends were having way too much fun!

The two stores that showed last night were Tommy Bahama and House of Sage. Tommy Bahama was the same old mature beach wear. I wasn’t into it last year and I’m still not. House of Sage was good. It was young, fresh, and trendy. I love that store to pieces.

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Charleston Fashion Week 2011 Night One

I’m back at Charleston Fashion Week again! Can you believe that it has been a year since I started on my fashion week journey from Charleston to New York to New York again and now back to Charleston with some Columbia fashion events thrown in? Amazing! I wanted to do a video with me speaking to you all, but iMovie is acting up. Please pray that it starts working again, and if any of you geek squaders know how to make my webcam videos have sound again that would be great. Oh and you guys are totally going to hear me and Eb talking all up in the videos.

Anyhoo… the night started out with a lovely song by Quiana Parler. She was amazing. I mean her voice was the TRUTH!!! I cannot say that enough. Fantastic. I want her cd now. Then we had a runway show by two local stores, Rapport and Copper Penny. The Rapport was full of classic brands and classic looks. While I like classic looks, it just seemed a bit bland, especially when the Copper Penny clothes came out. They sell designers like Tibi, Michael Kors, and DVF. It was lighter, brighter, and fun. After that Barbara Beach, who one People’s Choice last year in the Emerging Designers Competition, showed her lovely children’s wear. I could definitely see myself dressing my children in clothes like that..if I had any children.

Next up were four of this year’s Emerging Designer East Competition. I loved them all and found it quite hard to pick last night’s People Choice winner. Marie Cordella took an academic approach to her designs, which gave them a complex, conceptual look. I loved the bright colors and shapes. Very Solange Knowles. Van Hoang showed a very mature, yet youthful collection full of awesome knits and beautiful hand dyed fabrics. Very ephemeral and light.

Veritee Hill was the judges choice to move on in the competition just as everyone predicted. Her designs were perfect for the theater, Beyonce, or Lady Gaga. I loved how she made dresses out of Latex that looked sexy with out looking skanky. People’s Choice winner Sarah Parrott was also very good. I think she won People’s Choice because her designs were the most wearable and trend on without being too trendy. Plus everyone loved the teal pants.

Somewhere in between all of that they showed a fashion film. While I thought the film was nice, I think most of the crowd didn’t comprehend the fashion film. The thing about fashion films is that they are conceptual. Hopefully they will get it by the end of the week since they will be showing a new one every night. Jamie Lin Snider was the last to show. She was in the top three of the Emerging Designer contest last year. Some thought she should have won. Cathedrals and graveyards inspired her designs. It was interesting to see the light mixed with dark in her collection. I really loved the tribal looking elements and long dresses. Last night was amazing. I wonder how they will top it tonight.

Partnered Post-Prom Dresses By David’s Bridal

It’s Prom Season and time to find that special dress. You could look anywhere, but the prom dresses by David’s Bridal might be your best bet. Why? Well…David’s Bridal has a great selection of prom dresses for straight and plus size shoppers, and most of these prom dresses are between $100 and $260. Seriously, the sizes on most of the dresses go up to a 24 or 22W, and the highest price I saw was $259. The cheapest dresses I saw were $99, and they were tres cute!

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Trend Report: Orange

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One of the punchiest and hottest hues for spring is coral’s close cousin, orange. While all of the zesty colors are definitely in for summer (think grapefruit pink, lemon yellow, lime green…) orange has been popping up everywhere.

Unlike coral however, this can be one tricky shade to pull off, and while it tends to look best on chocolate or porcelain skin tones where the color can really pop, with a little help anyone can pull it off.

For warm skin tones, look for yellow based oranges such as the dress on the far left.

For cool skin tones, try a red or blue based orange, such as the dress in the middle.

Don’t know what your skin tone is? Check out our post here.

And as always, accessories are a great option. I still fondly remember an orange clutch that I took everywhere last summer (and later went AWOL at a little cafe in August. Sigh.) hopefully I’ll find a suitable replacement this season.

And just a personal preference, stay away from black. There’s no need to bring on the Halloween references. Instead pair with neutrals (orange and dove grey look stunning together) or go bold with poppy brights.

A Little

A Little More

A Lot

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Join Alexis Maybank from Gilt Groupe For A Gilt-y Party At Cynthia Rowley’s Charleston Store

I am going to Charleston Fashion Week tomorrow, so I can’t wait for all of the festivities to begin. One of the parties I am looking forward to is the Gilt-y Party hosted by Alexis Maybank at the Cynthia Rowley store. I will be there, so if you are planning on attending, please come up and say HI! I promise I won’t bite.

Here are the particulars:


Of Note…Joe Zee

Joe Zee was born on November 23, 1968 in Toronto, Canada. While growing up in Canada, Zee memorized fashion magazine mastheads and studied popular culture with a maniacal zeal. That zeal is what has helped Zee become a popular fashion figure. In 1990, Zee moved to New York to attend FIT and soon became an intern for Polly Mellen at Allure. From there he moved Details and House & Garden. Next Zee was fashion director at W and editor-in-chief of Vitals magazine. Most people are familiar with Zee’s styling work for the Gap’s (Project) RED campaign and his work at Elle magazine.
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Style Swap Columbia

The Bad Bish post has been postponed until next week when I am done with midterms. A few nights ago I took a break from my midterms to go to the Style Swap held at Momo’s Bistro. It was the first time Columbia had seen an event like that. Basically what you do is bring gently used items and pick up some gently used items. Simple right? Of course, and everything that was left over was donated to the Women’s Shelter.

Everyone was there from Otis Taylor (whose read socks caught my eye)to Annabelle Laroque to Shanika Pichey. I also got to see the event coordinators doing their thang. Who would take on the daunting task of hosting s Style Swap you say? Well it was The Shop Tart, The Flock and Rally Girls (Debi Schadel and Tracie Broom), and Style Swap founder Jess James.

The night was full of fun, with the raffle, the local vendors, and great food.  There were tables from VanJean, Pout, Illumination MedSpa , Pink Sorbet, Kicks, Theodosia Jewelry (who I met at Charleston Fashion Week last year and will be seeing at CFW next week) and Austral Salon (who was doing this cool scoping thing to people’s thing with a computer). DJ Irv Thompson spun some groovy tunes and  Bohemian, In the Loop, Nana Bags, LaRoque, Revente, Verve and Ed Robinson Cleaners.ave away some awesome prizes. The best part was seeing all of the fashionable men and women at the event. Thanks to The Shop Tart, Flock and Rally, and Jess James for bringing a wonderful event to Columbia.