Lea T

Bad Bish- Lea T Looks Great Post-op

  Look at Lea T modeling in the Phillip Plein show in Milan. She looks great post-op. Gender reassignment surgery can be a scary process. Lea T just happened to go through everything in the media, but I think she has handled herself well. Good for you! No judgements here. Photo from Fashionista. .

Atelier Minyon Fluorescent Diamonds

Luxury Lust- Atelier Minyon Wows with Fluorescent Diamonds

While in New York for fashion week, I visited Atelier Minyon and they wowed the heck out of me with their fluorescent diamonds. I had never seen fluorescent diamonds before. I mean really…who knew diamonds could glow in the dark. Well Atelier Minyon jewelry designer Alp Sagnak was hip to it, and made gorgeous cuffs, […]

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Changing My RSS Feeds

Because Google doesn’t quite know what it wants to do with Feedburner, I have decided to switch to my original blog RSS feed. Google basically wants to terminate Feedburner’s services, and hasn’t really been taking care of the website. So if you want to follow my blog via RSS feed, click the little orange heart […]

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Shoe of the Week- Dorothy Perkins Black Cap Toe Pumps

How perfect is Dorothy Perkins’ black cap toe pump. Cap toe pumps are one of this fall’s hottest shoe trends. I love buying trendy pieces on the cheap, because who knows how long the trend will last. You don’t want to spend your hard earned dollars on something that you will only wear for a […]


StyleSays Revolutionizes Fashion Blogging

Fashion website StyleSayshas just launched a feature for style bloggers that not only helps them post their blog posts to multiple social media sites at once, but also lets them make money from the service as well. The feature was released Monday and lets you publish your blog posts to Blogger, WordPress, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, […]


Living Large- Chevron for the Home

I love chevron print. Chevron has really made a resurgence in recent years. It is such a cute fun print to use for the home. You can use it on wallpaper, in your curtains or furniture fabric, and on your home accessories. How do you like to use chevron? Have you incorporated the print in […]

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Backstreet Boys and Old Navy’s Rockstar Jeans Come Together For A Sweet Commercial

I can’t believe this! Two things I love dearly, the Backstreet Boys and Old Navy Rockstar jeans, have come together for this cute commercial. It is great to see them all singing “Everybody (Backstreet’s Back)” together again since Kevin rejoined the group. Plus I LURVE Old Navy Rockstar jeans. I own more than a handful […]

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Stephen Burrows SS 13

Today I walked to The Out NY to see the Stephen Burrows SS 13 Presentation and the launch of his Pazette Barbie doll. Do you remember me blogging about the Pazette doll? Anyway I loved this season’s collection. It featured plenty of neon colors, spunky spots, and cray cray cut outs to please the young […]

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Whitney Eve SS 13

Whitney Eve was such a fun show today. The music was just as young and fresh as the designs. Whitney Port, star of The Hills and The City, designed some cute short and pantsuits in muted earthy and pastel colors. I think it is pretty safe to say the short suits are officially back. I […]

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The Blonds SS 13

Tonight I went down to Milk Studios to check out The Blonds SS 13 show. Their shows always seem like one big party. Crazy cool celebrities were there like Amanda Lepore, June Ambrose, and Paris Hilton, and all the kidz were in their latest DIY fashions. The show started off with the colorful lipstick print […]

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Rolando Santana SS 13

Rolando Santana showed his beautiful SS 13 collection in Chelsea tonight. His fashion show is always a hot ticket. Many people still showed up even though it was the same time as the Marc Jacobs show. Santana seemed to be inspired by the sea because the garments ranged in color from white to seafoam green […]

Angel Sanchez SS 13

Just left the Angel Sanchez show. It was amazing. Pastel colors were shown with a mix of red and black. This yellow dress was AMAZING! The geometric nature of the garments were awesome.  Fabric was layered and molded with other fabrics that featured lace cutouts, but still had a lightness to them. Asymmetry is a […]

Farah Angsana SS 13

I just left the Farah Angsana show. It is always super packed at this show. The show was amazing as usual. The designer showed many looks that had a bright color scheme. Very bright, neon colors mixed with more subtle blacks and whites. The beading and embellishments around the collars, cuffs, and waists of the […]

Katya Leonovich SS 13

Katya Leonovich showed 24 looks today at New York Fashion Week. The crowd was large and very hype. Everyone was spilling into the show. It just so happened that I was coincidentally seated next to two of my friends. The designs were very intricate and looked like they took quite a lot of technical skill […]

Rafael Cennamo SS 13

Rafael Cennamo was another designer who I wasn’t that familiar with, but MY GOD!!! was I ever glad to see this presentation. With a haute couture feel that harkened back to the time of the late great Christian Dior himself, I was gobsmacked by the beauty of the collection. Again pastel and beige reigned supreme […]

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