Joanie Totes

Blogger Launches Joanie Totes for TTP Awareness

Family friend and friend to the blog, Staci Rutherford of the Handbag Report just launched Joanie Totes for TTP Awareness in honor of her mother who passed away from the disease last year. TTP, or Thrombotic Thrombocytopenic Purpura, is a disease that is strange and unknown. I myself didn’t know much about it until last […]

ugly shoe trend

Ugly Shoes Are Making A Comeback!

-Written By Intern Zaquana. You read that right. Ugly shoe are making a comeback in stores and are marching their way right back into many of our wardrobes. The ugly shoe trend encompasses a sort of perfectly imperfect style that is slowly creeping into the fashion world. I first noticed in the summer of 2013 […]

Atelier Minyon

NSFW: Get Explicit With Atelier Minyon!

One of the places I always visit while in New York City is the Atelier Minyon jewelry store on Spring Street. I miss walking in there and watching the designer, Alp Sagnak, work on pieces right in front of you on the showroom floor. It is very exciting to see.


Shoe of the Week- Mules Are Coming Back

Do you remember mules? Those weird, yet cute shoes that look… well weird, yet cute on everyone’s feet and were popular in the 90s. Yeah. As with all things 90s, this too is seeing a comeback. This trend is definitely one of those hit or miss trends like the the recent Birkenstock craze. Also is […]

nude barre

Nude Barre Pantyhose Are For All Shades Of Nude

Finally brown girls can rejoice. Nude Barre is here with shade of nude pantyhose for our legs too. The prices start at $12 and go up. Their sizes go up to a XXL. The fancier Beyonce style glitter fishnets are around $55. They even have underwear and stockings for children. To find your shade, either […]

ronelle shoedazzle

Shoe of the Week- Shoedazzle’s Ronelle White Platform Shoe

Shoedazzle’s Ronelle white platform pump has been calling my name since I saw it in the February preview video. I have been trying to find a pair of white platform pumps since I missed out on this terribly cute pair by Pierre Hardy for the Gap since 2010. 2010! That is way too long to […]

Paris Couture Street Style

Bad Bish- Paris Couture Street Style

I saw this picture while looking at the Paris couture street style slideshow on The Cut. The colors look so amazing together. The striking pink shots with the clear ombre heel. The white dress with the red ruffles, and then you have the blue fur. The blue fur?!?!? It is just gorgeous. I don’t know […]


Shoe of the Week- Shoedazzle Is Having A 40% Off Sale

Shoedazzle is having a 40% off sale!! You cannot beat that. I just got 40% off a pair of shoes that were already 30% off. Can you believe that? When you stop by the website, don’t forget about the $25 boot and bootie sale. I think that is for VIP members only though. I may […]

infinity scarf

Currently Craving Infinity Scarves

These past weeks have seen some icy weather, and that calls for some infinity scarves. I love infinity scarves this time of year because they warm the neck and can cover the face. I know plenty of people up north that could use these types of scarves. I always say that if you aren’t going […]

statement necklace

Currently Craving-Forever 21′s Statement Necklace

Over the holidays, family and friends gather together to celebrate and be festive.¬† You can’t be dressed to the nines without a statement necklace. Forever 21 has a ton of them. My intern Maddy loves the Lacquered Link Necklace. A statement necklace works great for all holiday events and occasions. The Lacquered Link Necklace is […]

holiday party shoes

Shoe of the Week- Holiday Party Shoes at Shoedazzle

Shoedazzle has some of the best holiday party shoes I’ve seen. Only ASOS is neck in neck with them. Shoedazzle has some cute holiday party shoes in various heel heights. The shoes come in various prints, colors, and metallic sheens too. I love that they have a really good variety of platform and single-soled shoes.

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