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Currently Craving- 25 Home Gifts Under $25

25 Home Gifts Under $25
I decided to do a 25 Home Gifts Under $25 because I am moving a few weeks, and you don’t see as many home gift giving guides as you should. Home accessories and housewares are items that I have recently been getting into. I love interior design, and I love giving gifts. Home items are the perfect gifts to give someone who has just moved, is planning on moving, or is redecorating their home. You can also give them to people on the regular too.

Living Large- Pink Baby’s Room

pink baby room

A lot of my friends and family members are having babies now. Every time I look at Facebook, a new baby pic pops up. Since the majority of my friend’s babies are little girls, I figured it would be great to show a super cute idea for a baby girl’s room. This room is really fun looking with the crazy looking chandelier and the pink gumball machine in the back. I love the use of another type of pink. I love baby pink, but other colors are very refreshing. Of course I found this picture on Pinterest.

Living Large- Cool Clothing Storage

clothing storage
I was looking on Pinterest for clothing storage ideas, and just some cool storage ideas in general. I also spent the day at Ikea and The Container Store yesterday agonizing over what to pick for storage in my bathroom. This picture from Pinterest almost looks like something I was going to choose for my bathroom storage. A lot of people think you can’t have stylish looking clothing storage in your home. Thanks to the powers of the internet, you can find clothing storage that doesn’t look like it came from a big box store, unless you are looking for something like that. I love the minimalistic look of the whole piece. It looks sparse, but intricate at the same time. This is something I could get into. Picture from here. Check below to figure out how to keep up with the blog after Google Reader ends.


Living Large-Jewelry Trays

jewelry trays

I recently redecorated two counter tops in my room- the top of my dresser and the top of my shorter bookshelf. I used serving trays and large bowls to organize the things that I keep on top of them like my jewelry and my sunglasses and their cases. I also organized some collars and headbands with trays as well. Check out this awesome picture for jewelry tray decoration inspiration from Pinterest.

Living Large- Green Decor Just In Time for St. Patrick’s Day

green interior design

Today’s Living Large post was inspired by the color green in honor of St. Patrick’s Day! I love the color green. Both Ulta and Sephora are touting two different color greens as the color of the year! The white bathroom with the green set of drawers and mirror, the green chairs in the dining room, and the ombre green tea cups and plates show just a few ways to use the color green to spruce up a home. If Pantone deems it the color of the year, use is not sparingly, but abundantly… or until next year when the new color of the year comes out! [SOURCE, SOURCE, SOURCE]

Living Large- Tabletop Spinning Cosmetic Organizer by Lori Greiner

Tabletop Spinning Cosmetic Organizer by Lori Greiner

Have y’all seen the Tabletop Spinning Cosmetic Organizer by Lori Greiner at I have looked at this thing for months, and now I think I am finally going to buy it. I could use a better cosmetic organizational system in my bathroom. This spinning organizer can fit up to 100 pieces of your and my cosmetic junk. Plus it has a removable top as well! The Tabletop Spinning Cosmetic Organizer by Lori Greiner is only $29.82, so I won’t be breaking the bank when I buy it. Then again, I might end up buying new cosmetics to fill up all the space I just freed up. [SOURCE]

Living Large- Black Stained Wood Patios

black stained wood, dark stained wood

I used to hate this, but now I am loving black and dark stained wood. I think dark stained wood looks great in a new modern way. Black stained wood looks even better. It gives it a hip, yet sophisticated look.  I used to think dark stained wood looked way to masculine for me, but the mix of the light brown furniture and the floral trees adds a feminine touch to the patio. Inspiration from Pinterest.

Living Large- DIY Glitter Lamp Shades

DIY Glitter Lamp Shade

I saw this glittery lampshade on Pinterest and thought about how this would be a great DIY project. Apparently the people of Pinterest thought so too. Maybe you could use some glitter or some sequins? I think it would be great either way. Maybe you could try different color glitter or some fabric? That would be nice too. This seems like something that would be really fun to do on a Saturday. I’m getting ideas.

The We Love Colors contest winner is Ruhamah Dunmeyer. The Sonsi winner is Kimberlee Van Der Wall. The Eden Body Works contest ends tonight!

Living Large-Little Storage Nooks Are Great Space Savers

I love the idea of having little storage nooks or places in small crannies where you designate for a particular function like a mini-office or reading nook. I think they really make a home special. They make a house become filled with your own style and personality, but most of all they serve a function and purpose. Photos from Tumblr. Don’t forget to enter in the Sonsi/TFAS 4th Blogiversary Contest!

Living Large-Recycling Old Christmas Cards To Make Holiday Decor

Recycling Old Christmas Cards To Make Holiday Decor

Have a ton of Christmas cards, and you don’t know what to do with them? Well fear not because you can totally use them to garland for next year. This tutorial is eco-friendly and helps you recycle old cards instead of letting them either collect dust in your home or being wasted in a trash dump somewhere. Have fun and happy holidays! Check out the tutorial here!

Living Large-Spiral Staircase and Slide?!?!

Spiral Staircase with Slide

Talk about all kinds of awesome! How would you like to have a spiral staircase that has a slide attached to the side? I would love to have one of those in my possession. If I moved, I would totally take the staircase with me and try and install it again in my new place somehow and some damn way. What do you think of this spiral staircase/slide contraption? Photo from here.

Living Large-Patch Animal Print Dessert Plates

Patch Animal Print Dessert Plates

The Patch Animal Print Dessert Plates from Target make a cute little gift set. They also might just look perfect in your own kitchen. Either way, these plates are so cute and cheap. They are on sale for $19.99. I love the furry woodland animal theme. They also have other Patch Animal Sets at Target. Get the whole collection and make your whole kitchen complete. Picture from Target.

Living Large-Hollywood Regency

Hollywood Regency

In 2013, one of my many goals is to get an apartment. I really feel like decorating it will be fun and overwhelming. The good thing is that I have already decided what interior design style I want to decorate it in. Hollywood Regency is the style that I am loving at the moment. It shouldn’t come as a surprise, since I am in love with the Hollywood glamour of the 1930s.


TFAS Presents- Women Holiday Gift Guide

holiday gift guide

1. Japanese Cherry Blossoms Mini Journal $3.99 2. Soap And Paper Factory Alice In Wonderland Candle $18.00 3. Monogram Mug $10.00 4. On the Nail Shaker Set $13.99

Hey guys! I wanted to bring you another gift guide this week. This one is focused on cutesy little gifts for the women in your life. You could give these gifts to your mom, aunt, sister, friend, or whoever you feel deserves these treats! I keep trying to make each gift guide affordable. I hope you like all the gifts. Check out last week’s Beauty Holiday Gift Guide. Pictures from the respective stores and

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