pink baby room

Living Large- Pink Baby’s Room

A lot of my friends and family members are having babies now. Every time I look at Facebook, a new baby pic pops up. Since the majority of my friend’s babies are little girls, I figured it would be great to show a super cute idea for a baby girl’s room. This room is really […]

clothing storage

Living Large- Cool Clothing Storage

I was looking on Pinterest for clothing storage ideas, and just some cool storage ideas in general. I also spent the day at Ikea and The Container Store yesterday agonizing over what to pick for storage in my bathroom. This picture from Pinterest almost looks like something I was going to choose for my bathroom […]

jewelry trays

Living Large-Jewelry Trays

I recently redecorated two counter tops in my room- the top of my dresser and the top of my shorter bookshelf. I used serving trays and large bowls to organize the things that I keep on top of them like my jewelry and my sunglasses and their cases. I also organized some collars and headbands […]

C Wonder Tea Set

Living Large- C. Wonder Ikat Tea For One Set

I don’t know if you follow me on Instagram, which you can do by clicking the link on the right sidebar, but I have been drinking a lot of tea lately and sharing it in pictures. Tea is so good for the body. I used to only like sweet tea because I am a Southern […]

black stained wood, dark stained wood

Living Large- Black Stained Wood Patios

I used to hate this, but now I am loving black and dark stained wood. I think dark stained wood looks great in a new modern way. Black stained wood looks even better. It gives it a hip, yet sophisticated look.  I used to think dark stained wood looked way to masculine for me, but […]

DIY Glitter Lamp Shade

Living Large- DIY Glitter Lamp Shades

I saw this glittery lampshade on Pinterest and thought about how this would be a great DIY project. Apparently the people of Pinterest thought so too. Maybe you could use some glitter or some sequins? I think it would be great either way. Maybe you could try different color glitter or some fabric? That would […]

Spiral Staircase with Slide

Living Large-Spiral Staircase and Slide?!?!

Talk about all kinds of awesome! How would you like to have a spiral staircase that has a slide attached to the side? I would love to have one of those in my possession. If I moved, I would totally take the staircase with me and try and install it again in my new place […]

Patch Animal Print Dessert Plates

Living Large-Patch Animal Print Dessert Plates

The Patch Animal Print Dessert Plates from Target make a cute little gift set. They also might just look perfect in your own kitchen. Either way, these plates are so cute and cheap. They are on sale for $19.99. I love the furry woodland animal theme. They also have other Patch Animal Sets at Target. […]


Living Large-Hollywood Regency

In 2013, one of my many goals is to get an apartment. I really feel like decorating it will be fun and overwhelming. The good thing is that I have already decided what interior design style I want to decorate it in. Hollywood Regency is the style that I am loving at the moment. It […]


Living Large-Bright Sprout Soaped Lights

 The Bright Sprout Soaped light fixtures from Surrounding are really cool. They look like something I would see in Ikea. I bet Ikea really does have these too. I totally love these colorful lights. I think they would look great in someone’s kitchen or a child’s room. Each light is $99, and comes in different […]

Round Dining Rooms

Living Large-Round Dining Rooms and Round Dinner Tables

I am fast becoming a fan of round dining rooms and round dinner tables. I think the look very unexpected and surprises guests of a home. The look isn’t done as often as square and rectangular tables and dining rooms. With the right furniture, accents, and color scheme, it can be quite cozy. Photo from […]

craft storage

Living Large-Craft Storage

So I have been cleaning and rearranging and updating my decor for the past two weeks now. One of the things I needed to do was update my craft storage. I ended up buying a storage container with three drawers in it. When I finally get a bigger place, I would love to have a […]

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