Chromeo and toro y moi

Chromeo Annouces New Tour and Single With Toro y Moi

Chromeo announces new tour and single with Toro y Moi. Do you know how pumped I am? I love both of these bands so much. They both have a vintage 70s/80s influenced style, and that style is delightfully played out in this song. This is going to be one of my treadmill songs. I can […]


Bad Bish- Beyonce Sold 1 Million Albums In 1 Week

Queen Bey! King Bey! Whatever you call her, she has outdone herself. Beyonce sold 1 million albums in 1 week of her new hit “Beyonce”. The album came as a surprise to everyone when it was released last Friday at midnight with 14 songs and 17 videos. The visual album even has casual Beyonce fans […]

gap, gap printed wedge sandals, beyonce, kenzo

Shoe of the Week- Printed Wedge Sandal from Gap

After I saw Beyonce perform “Grown Woman” in Kenzo last week on the internet, I knew I had to find my closet some kind of something that had that Kenzo look without the Kenzo price. Sawry…this girl’s on a budget! Imagine my surprise when I saw the Printed Wedge Sandal from the Gap in these […]

Diane Ross Central Park 1983

Bad Bish- Diana Ross Sings Muscles In The Park,d.cWc What do you know about a diva in a sparkly leotard singing about her love of muscles in Central Park? Get into that costume, get into that hair, get into that whole video, and then do a quick YouTube search for the rest of Diana Ross’ 1983 concert in Central Park. Ok…are we clear […]

beyonce vogue cover 2013

Bad Bish- Beyonce Covers Vogue

It looks like Beyonce is getting a lot of love on this blog, but it is officially Bey Season…so uh…duh! This is the second time she has posed for Vogue. While I think the pictures are beautiful and show a more mature Beyonce, I also think they are just a tad bit dowdy. She is […]

Rihanna for River Island

Take a Behind the Scenes Look At Rihanna For River Island,d.cWc Take a behind the scenes look at Rihanna for River Island. In the video she discusses her influences and why she wanted to work with the brand. I am really interested to see what she comes up with. Her style, for the past two or so years, has been heavily influenced by British street […]

beyonce and pepsi at the super bowl

Who’s Super Excited For Beyonce’s Performance At The Super Bowl?

I am super psyched to see and hear Beyonce at the Super Bowl. I want to see her costumes. I want to know it DC3, aka Destiny’s Child, will come out and perform a medley. If Beyonce performs one of her brand new songs I could just akldhklashdkfhksdhsasdkhsl! I’m completely and utterly losing it. That […]


Bad Bish-Adele “Skyfall”

I love Adele’s song for the new James Bond movie-Skyfall. The song is so cool and mellow. It reminds me of the James Bond themes from the 60s. I heard that Adele might have given birth to a little boy this week. If so, congratulations!

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