I Shot My First Fashion Film For Lexis-Style!!!

Over the weekend, I did something I never thought I would ever do. I have always dreamed of shooting a fashion film, but I never had the opportunity to do so. One of my friends asked me to shoot her styling videos for her. She is going by Lexis-Style, so be sure to check her […]

Joanie Totes

Blogger Launches Joanie Totes for TTP Awareness

Family friend and friend to the blog, Staci Rutherford of the Handbag Report just launched Joanie Totes for TTP Awareness in honor of her mother who passed away from the disease last year. TTP, or Thrombotic Thrombocytopenic Purpura, is a disease that is strange and unknown. I myself didn’t know much about it until last […]

Screen Shot 2014-03-06 at 12.10.24 AM

My Life Since I Moved and Started School

Hey Guys! I wanted to give you a little update about my life since I moved and started fashion design school. As you can see I blog pretty sporadically now, but I do try to keep at least 2-3 posts up each week. That is because the move and school has been super hectic. I […]


Mini Blog Vacay For My Bday

Hey Guys! I’m going to take a mini blog vacay, so I can celebrate my bday which was on Wednesday. Have a great weekend. See ya on Monday! Photo from Pinterest.

living room

Moving Today!

Hey guys! I am moving today. Hopefully I can get my internet together in the next few days. I will have up two little posts to keep the blog going through the week. Photo from Death to Stock Photos.

blog birthday

Happy 5th Birthday The Fat and Skinny on Fashion!

Happy 5th Birthday The Fat and Skinny on Fashion! I am so proud of what you have become. I started this blog as a graduate school project 5 years ago today. I still can’t believe I have stuck with it. This blog has helped me graduate from graduate school, meet new people, and learn new […]

happy holidays

Happy Holidays From The Fat And Skinny On Fashion

Happy Holidays Everyone! I really hope you all have a fun holiday season. The blog will be on hiatus so I can update it and fix her up a bit, and so I can pack a few things for my move. Hopefully I can finally get most of the things done that I need to […]


Why Does The Holidays Bring Out All Of The Creeps?

Why does the holidays bring out all of the creeps? Like seriously? I can’t even go to Walmart in peace. Then again you can never go to Walmart in peace. Anyway. I am always complaining about guys not noticing me. I’m probably not going to complain as much about that anymore because of the creep […]

Brussels sprouts with onions

How The Noshery Got My Dad To Eat Brussels Sprouts

So I decided to make some Brussels Sprouts for Thanksgiving dinner, and they were so good my dad wanted me to make them again. He doesn’t even eat Brussels sprouts! I usually cook my sprouts a little differently than I did on Thanksgiving, but I am glad I made a change. I was shocked how […]


Happy Holidays Group Giveaway for $140 Target Gift Card!!!

Check out this group giveaway a few awesome bloggers and I are sponsoring. You can enter to get a $140 Target gift card. I don’t know about you, but that sounds amazing! Target is one of my favorite places to shop. I love the accessories, beauty products, and housewares. The store is such a fun […]

My Natural Hair Journey

My Natural Hair Journey – One Year Without A Relaxer

  I just have to share my natural hair journey with you. I can’t believe that this weekend marked one whole year without a relaxer. My last relaxer was on November, 15th 2012. Crazy to think about it. This is my second time going natural, and I am really committed to it. Transitioning to natural […]

five festive holiday food apps

Five Festive Holiday Food Apps

Here are five festive holiday food apps to get your holiday meal planning underway. Actually you can use most of these apps year-round, but this is a season of baking and cooking. I have been baking something or another almost every week for the past few weeks now. Baking and cooking are super fun to […]


Meet My New Interns

Hey everyone! I wanted to introduce you guys to my interns who have been working with me for the past few months. They are both really talented and have their own blogs as well. go back through the site and check out some of their posts and don’t forget to follow Denesha’s blog and Maddy’s […]

blog break

Taking A Blog Break For The Weekend

Hey Guys! The Fat and Skinny will be back next week with its regularly scheduled program. This week has been killer, so a much need blog maintenance weekend is in order. Photo from The Long Thread. While you are here check out these great posts from this week: Beauty Bit-TFAS Guide To Holiday Beauty Shopping […]

footprints in the sand

The Frailty of Life

This weekend went from me being happy and excited to dreary and thinking about the frailty of life. I was going to look at apartments and furniture. Then I got the call that my aunt was gravely ill. It stopped me right in my tracks. All I could do was sit and stare at a […]


Feeling Accomplished-How I Learned To Sew

I’ve been feeling accomplished lately, so so very accomplished lately. I have to tell you all the story of my sewing dilemmas, and how I finally got it right. I have been trying to learn how to sew just about all of my life. I have been breaking machines and wasting material on fruitless projects […]

facing rejection

My Love/Hate Relationship With Facing Rejection

I have a love/hate relationship with facing rejection. Like most people I hate rejection, but unlike some people I love it a little bit too. Rejection can be hard to take and digest. It can hurt you and leave you confused. There are so many times that I’ve sent in a request for something or […]

downsize my life

Do I Need To Downsize My Life?

So I am sitting here at what is basically 2am in the morning trying to figure out how to downsize my life. I try to keep a clean rooms clean. I try to put things back in their place and not let things pile up on me, but here I am feeling like I am […]

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