Sporty Fashion

Currently Craving: Sporty Spice

This week’s currently craving item, really isn’t an item, it’s a trend; sporty spice. No, not sporty spice from the Spice Girls. The fashion trend that hit the runway during fashion week. In his [second] show for Balenciaga, Alexander Wang showed us just how to wear this fashion trend. The model in this image is wearing a […]

plus size overalls

Currently Craving – Overalls

Written by: Denesha (Intern) You would never believe which fashion trend has made a comeback! Hint: the title of the article is a dead give-away. Overalls are slowly making their way back into some of our closets, some since summer of 2012. Thanks to celebrities like Rihanna, who decided to shoot her ‘You Da One’ […]

ugly shoe trend

Ugly Shoes Are Making A Comeback!

-Written By Intern Zaquana. You read that right. Ugly shoe are making a comeback in stores and are marching their way right back into many of our wardrobes. The ugly shoe trend encompasses a sort of perfectly imperfect style that is slowly creeping into the fashion world. I first noticed in the summer of 2013 […]


Shoe of the Week- Mules Are Coming Back

Do you remember mules? Those weird, yet cute shoes that look… well weird, yet cute on everyone’s feet and were popular in the 90s. Yeah. As with all things 90s, this too is seeing a comeback. This trend is definitely one of those hit or miss trends like the the recent Birkenstock craze. Also is […]

plus size coats

Currently Craving – Plus Size Coats

With fall being the “must-have” coat season, it’s only right to show you more plus size coats. We here at TFAS have to update you, and bring you more because the last post didn’t have these great options in them. After looking through the several sites my intern Denesha was able to pull three jackets […]

Printed Pants

To Die For- Forever 21′s Printed Pants

Printed pants are definitely a trend I can get down with. I am loving this trend because you can dress these pants up or down. They come in different patterns and prints and look amazing on everyone despite what you might think! My favorite style is the harem printed pant. Forever 21 has a bunch […]

havaianas flip flops

Shoe of the Week- Havaianas Exclusive Check Flip-Flops

Havaianas are the most popular flip flops in the world. Created in Brazil and spread throughout the known world; people go nuts for these flip flops. They are worn by professional athletes and popular music and film stars. These cutey patootey Havaianas Exclusive Check Flip Flops from Zappos come in three different prints and are […]

The Great Gatsby Etsy Fashion

Etsy Love-The Great Gatsby Themed Fashion

The Great Gatsby is big right now since the new Baz Lurhmann movie opens later this week. Every online store is seeing a spike in interest with 1920s Gatsby-like style. Even Ebay is seeing a spike in Gatsby searches. The Carmelina Linen Frock dress from Ranunculus Market has the perfect Great Gatsby look. This gorgeous […]

asos hostage heel

Shoe of the Week- Score The Gladiator Shoe Trend For Less

Score the gladiator shoe trend kicked off by Alexander Wang SS 2013 for less with ASOS’ Hostage heel. The Alexander Wang Saskia shoe has been seen on many celebrities this spring, but you can get a scaled down, wearable version from ASOS for $64.62. Now that is a steal and a deal! Pictures from here […]

Asos Curve Dress

Plus Size Spring Dresses From ASOS Curve

1. ASOS CURVE Heart Print Dress $84.78 NOW $67.82 2. ASOS CURVE Midi Body-Conscious Dress in Jewel Flower Print $50.87 NOW $40.69  3. ASOS CURVE Shift Dress in Animal Print  $59.34 4. ASOS CURVE Body-Conscious Dress in Jewel Print $50.87 NOW $40.69   I was perusing ASOS this week and saw these plus size spring dresses. To […]

Llight Layering for the Fall

Bad Bish-Light Layering for Fall

It is finally layering season. For me, living life in the south, I am experiencing mild fall weather. Hurricane Sandy has also brought about some cold winds. Now is the time for me to bring out my sweaters. Finally! I love dressing for fall weather. Check out last year’s tips on how to layer and […]

Graphic Print Blazers

Spring’s Graphic Blazers Can Be Worn This Fall Too

1. ASOS Curve Blazer in Floral Jacquard $99.42 $69.59  2.ASOS Blazer in Scenic Print $99.42 3.Missguided Savannah Tropical Blazer  $21.99 4. Forever 21 Rose Pattern Blazer $26.90 5.Macy’s ING Plus Size Jacket, Three-Quarter-Sleeve Striped Open Front $54.00 $44.99 6. Forever 21 Cropped Rose Jacket $24.90 Graphic blazers were a really hot trend this spring, but […]

The Not So Basic Tee

I love basic tees, but there is really something special about a t-shirt that has a cut-out, is cropped, hangs off the side, or dips in the back that speaks to me. Those are the not so basic tees, and every girl should have one! You can wear them just about anywhere with just about […]

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