Shoe of the Week- Ash Bea Suede Wedge Sneakers

Shoe of the WeekAsh Bea Suede Wedge Sneakers


I don’t know if you all are following the lady wedge sneaker trend that has exploded, but if you have these might be a cheaper choice. The Isabel Marant sneakers are cray cute, but crazy expensive. While these Bea Suede Wedge Sneakers from Ash come in at $250, they still are considerably cheaper than than the others. Photo from here.

  • Sohoaccessories


    Those are for the younger set, I’m sure.

    • Anonymous


  • Wontonchuckson


    Omg like…ur blog is like so ceeyuuute

    • Anonymous

      thanks lol

  • akua-isis


    I like these!! Great alternative to the Isabel Marants (which I’m secretly scheming on)

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