Trend Report: Dusters

Credit 1, 2, 3 Today is Erin’s last day as a TFAS intern. Everybody wish her a fond farewell. Good luck Erin with all that you do! It was a pleasure to work with you. Continue on for her last Trend Report post.

Trend Report: Pattern Mixing

Credit 1, 2, 3 Pattern mixing is making a come-back for the fall/winter season, but this time around it’s simply not enough to mix two patterns such as florals and polka dots, but rather it’s all about mixing the same pattern within one ensemble. Whether it’s polka dots, stripes, tartan, or florals, the trend is […]

Trend Report: Thigh High Slits

Credit 1, 2, 3 A twist on the maxi skirts we’ve seen in the past year, designers were injecting a dose of sex appeal back into the demure length with thigh-high slits. This look is a sexy alternative to the mini, where you still have a chance to flash a length of leg but still […]

Trend Report: Polka Dots

Credit 1, 2, 3   Stripes are classic and leopard print is last season, the new quirky pattern du jour is the polka dot. Think of it as the stripes fun-loving cousin. Whatever your style there’s a polka dot for you, from large graphic, retro pin dots, classic black and white to club-kid neon.

Trend Report: Fur Accessories

Credit 1, 2, 3 It may be springtime, but Fall 2011 lines are releasing lookbooks. Every winter is a bonanza of fur: it’s soft, warm, comforting and looks incredibly luxe. So hold onto those fur boots, vests and coats from the 2010 season, they aren’t going anywhere. The twist for the 2011 season is the […]

Trend Report: Yves Klein Blue

Credit 1, 2, 3 Punchy citrus hues have been de rigueur for spring, but for fall 2011? Think dark saturated Yves Klein blue. This royal blue is shaping up to be the color for fall and winter. The best part is that unlike orange, the color is flattering on all skin tones so pick up […]

Trend Report: Red Pants

Credit 1, 2, 3 A blogger and fashion editor’s darling this season is the red pant. Whether skinny, cropped, flared, trouser or for the pants shy, a skirt, that flash of red enlivens a season of creams and tans. It’s an easy, fun and flirty way to update your wardrobe, so just pick a silhouette […]

Trend Report: Menswear

Credit 1, 2, 3 Designers decided to channel Annie Hall and dress women in menswear inspired ensembles for Spring. A perennial trend, there is simply nothing as sexy as a woman in a man’s clothing. In my opinion the masculinity just highlights the femininity of the wearer, and the kind of confidence needed to join the boys […]

Trend Report: Neon

Credit 1, 2, 3 For that futuristic wow-factor, nothing really beats neon. Perfect for nights out but also as day wear, designers went bold and bright in a rainbow of electric hues. A fresh way to wear neon is in one bold swatch as seen above. Of course, neon accessories can take any outfit from […]

Trend Report: Denim

Credit 1, 2, 3 America’s favorite fabric is big in a whole new way for spring. While denim has been acid-washed, sand-blasted and shredded within an inch of its life in the past decade, for spring we’re looking at a new clean, minimalist look at denim. Whether you use it for tops, skirts, jumpsuits and […]

Trend Report: Tassel Belts

Credit 1, 2, 3 A fun accessory with a nod to the Orient, the tassel belts, in obi or skinny styles were a perfect compliment to the decadent 70s wear. The only rules to wearing these belts is to keep it at your natural waist (for figure flattery reasons) and wear them with a heaping dose of confidence.

Trend Report: Orange

Credit 1, 2, 3 One of the punchiest and hottest hues for spring is coral’s close cousin, orange. While all of the zesty colors are definitely in for summer (think grapefruit pink, lemon yellow, lime green…) orange has been popping up everywhere. Unlike coral however, this can be one tricky shade to pull off, and […]

Trend Report: Tropical Prints

Credit 1, 2, 3 While we always see florals for spring (“Florals? For spring? Groundbreaking.” Thank you, Miranda Priestly) this season we are also seeing lots of fabulously tutti-frutti patterns. Wear these patterns loud and proud, either by themselves as a statement piece, or try your hand at mixing them with other patterns such as […]

Trend Report: Bra Tops

Credit 1, 2, 3 So this is definitely one trend that your mom is going to hate. After a few seasons of crop tops, designers have upped the ante and debuted the bra top. Too keep this look from being too hoochy, pair it with a full skirt or slouchy pants that cover the knee […]

Trend Report: Tea Skirts

Credit 1, 2, 3 Am I the only person who is excited for the return of longer skirts? I have a few maxi dresses that are the equivalent of pajamas to me that I can wear to class and work, so I’m super stoked that they are back in style. Time to buy up a […]

Trend Report: Color Blocking

Credit 1, 2, 3 There’s just something about spring that brings out all of the peacocks of fashion. So one trend that we saw on the runways was color, color and more color! Even more trendy was putting all of those colors together in one outfit in large bold swatches, aka color blocking. So how […]

Trend Report: Pajamas

Credit 1, 2, 3 Dear Girl in my 8 am Design 101 class who wears penguin pajamas every day, Congratulations, you finally won out. I have railed for years about how inappropriate and rude it is for people to wear their pajamas and sweatpants out of the house and about their day. I have been […]

Trend Report: White

Credit 1, 2, 3 In direct contrast to the somber colors populating the fall runways, spring saw a plethora of all white looks that are as fresh as an ice-pop in July. First, let me address the elephant in the room and say that it’s not the color that makes you look heavier, but how […]

Trend Report: Fringe

Credit 1, 2, 3 Being honest, I’m still not 100% sure about this trend yet. I find that it can easily stray into Cowgirl Jane tacky territory. That being said, I do like the use of fringe in the ’20s flappers sense of the style. So whether you prefer fringe with a western influence as […]

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