I Shot My First Fashion Film For Lexis-Style!!!

Over the weekend, I did something I never thought I would ever do. I have always dreamed of shooting a fashion film, but I never had the opportunity to do so. One of my friends asked me to shoot her styling videos for her. She is going by Lexis-Style, so be sure to check her […]


Beauty Bit- Rosewholesale.com Review

I was sent a concealer palette Rosewholesale.com and asked to review their website. The website has men and women’s clothes, a few plus size items, bags, shoes, and other accessories. The thing that I like the most about the Rosewholesale.com are the beauty products. I love websites with low priced beauty products. The whole website […]

BH Cosmetics Take Me to Brazil palette

Beauty Bit-BH Cosmetics Take Me to Brazil Palette Review

Hello everyone! I wanted to review the BH Cosmetics Take Me to Brazil palette for some time now. I was finally able to order it a few weeks ago when BH Cosmetics was having a little sale. This eyeshadow palette is pretty cheap because it only costs $9.95 regularly. You get 30 eyeshadows for $9.95. […]

Fabulace Hair

TFAS Reviews-My Six Week Final Fabulace Hair Review

This is my final review for the Brazilian Loose Wave Virgin 16 inch hair from Fabulace Hair. I love this hair so much. It is so great! I hope you all purchase some hair from this company.  Flexirods are my friend. They wave this hair even more than it already is. I get so many […]

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Nordstrom Has the Best Plus Size Tights

Looking for tights for the winter? Well look no more because I found them. I have been loving Nordstrom tights for two years now.  They truly are the best! Nordstrom has some of the sturdiest, best fitting, stylish plus size tights around. They fit me very well. As a matter of fact, they are one […]

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TFAS Reviews-Fabulace Hair Review Week One

Hey guys! I wanted to quickly leave you with my one week Fabulace Hair review over the holiday weekend. I am jsut so in love with this hair. It is amazing. Check out the video for all the deets. Also check out this post for the latest Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales. Check out Fabulace Hair’s […]


Homemade Holiday Gift Guide- DIY Lip Scrub

ere is Part Two of the Holiday Homemade Gift Guide. Today’s video will show you how to make a DIY lip scrub. This is perfect for those cold winter days when your lips get chapped. It is super cheap and easy to make. Just like the last video in the series, everything either came from […]

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Homemade Holiday Gift Guide-Olive Oil Makeup Remover

Here is Part One of the Homemade Holiday Gift Guide Series: How to Make Extra Virgin Olive Oil Makeup Remover. In this three part video series, I will show you how to make some cheap homemade gifts for your friends, family, and even yourself using almost all natural ingredients! How about that? Don’t forget to […]

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Sephora VIB Holiday Shopping Event Haul

Hey guys! Here is a quick weekend beauty haul video of what I bought at the Sephora VIB Holiday Shopping Event! I had so much fun shopping today. Every place I went I had a coupon. I even saved $100 today in Ulta buying Christmas presents! List of products: Sephora Collection Microsmooth Foundation Face Powder […]

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Backstreet Boys and Old Navy’s Rockstar Jeans Come Together For A Sweet Commercial

I can’t believe this! Two things I love dearly, the Backstreet Boys and Old Navy Rockstar jeans, have come together for this cute commercial. It is great to see them all singing “Everybody (Backstreet’s Back)” together again since Kevin rejoined the group. Plus I LURVE Old Navy Rockstar jeans. I own more than a handful […]

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Beauty Bit- How to Use Hot Rollers In Your Hair

I found this awesome hot roller tutorial from Fabulasity Is Me on Youtube last night. The thing about hot rollers is they work better with long hair. If you have medium, shoulder length hair they may work for you if you use the smaller rollers. I see the hot roller sets in Walmart every time […]

Respect the Introvert!

This video is my ode to the introvert. As an introvert, I love being me. I do not want to be an extrovert, so stop trying to force your extroverted ways on me. There is nothing wrong with being an extrovert, but come on…being an extrovert is not the only way to be in the […]

Beauty Bit: Best Selling BB Creams

If you are like me, and you tried a few BB creams, or are still confused by the term BB cream here is a great video from Roseanne Tangrs. I love her videos because she usually does a good job explaining things. In this video, she explains the pros and cons behind some of the […]

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