A New Obsession

If you are just getting over your addiction to Polyvore, don’t try Looklet. It is basically like Polyore except you can dress real models like paper dolls. I am so addicted right now. I really didn’t need anything else to take up my time. The picture above is of my first try. I think I did pretty good. The last one is the second one I did, and looks like how I dress on a regular basis. I am spending way too much time on this site. Time to log off.

Jai From The Fat and Skinny


  1. That's so cool! Next step would be the ability to upload a picture of yourself! Until that day, I better hold off this one as I don't need yet another obsession.

  2. o i know, i havent even tried it yet. but i will soon. i just know i will get sucked into looklet like so many already have. addicting!

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