Affordable Trench Coats For Transitional Fall Weather

Old Navy Trench Coats

The first two trench coats: Women’s Canvas Trench Coats $39.50 The last two trench coats: Women’s Skirted Trill Trench Coats $54.94

With the crazy hot then cold then rainy then sunny weather we have been having lately, it might be time to invest in a transitional trench coat to help you get through this wacky weather. These trench coats from Old Navy are perfect and affordable who don’t have a Burberry budget.

Old Navy Plus Size Trench Coats

Women’s Plus Twill Trench Coats $59.94

Old Navy has many size options. You can buy trench coats in plus or petite sizes. These coats are just as affordable as the other offerings.  Trench coats are a basic staple for any woman’s wardrobe at any age. Who says you can’t find cute affordable basics in many different sizes? Photos from Old Navy.

old navy trench coats
Women’s Skirted Twill Trench Coat $54.94
Jai From The Fat and Skinny

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