Alexa Chung and PBS???

alexa chung

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Yes it is totally true! Alexa Chung is going to have a show on PBS with’s special projects editor, Maya Singer. By the time her MTV show finally grew on, it was canceled. I actually think her PBS show will do well though. Why? While I realize that PBS has a different audience, I think that station’s audience will appreciate the nature of her show “Thrift America”.

Chung and Singer are going to go around the country thrift shopping and looking for unique vintage pieces. If the other women who frequent that channel won’t watch, no worries. I’m sure the hipsters that follow Alexa Chung’s every move will watch a style show on PBS for the kitsch factor alone.

This is what the New York Times has to say about the new show:

Think of it as “Antiques Roadshow” meets the foodie romp “Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations.” Ms. Singer said viewers hoping to replicate Ms. Chung’s high-low style will see firsthand, “What does Alexa Chung pull out of the crap bin at the yard sale?”

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