Why I’m Outraged At The Outrage Over Alicia Keys’ Bare Face

alicia keys

alicia keys

Last night during the MTV VMAs,  I kept seeing tweets about Alicia Keys’ bare face. People were really upset that she has still chosen to not wear makeup. People kept saying things like she looks like a corpse or she looks tired. Others kept wondering why she wouldn’t even at least attempt to wear chap stick or lip gloss. Then there were those who swore she had airbrushed her face. The whole thing was a little weird to me. People, mostly women, were acting like she looked distorted like the picture above.  When she first went makeup free, I didn’t see it as a big deal because I knew she had used Proactive for years and had the money to get the best skin doctors and derms in the world. My mind quickly changed when I realized women were generally freaked out by the fact that a celebrity can go makeup free for more than five minutes.

The outrage confused me because even thought I love makeup, I just wrote about my pre-fall favorites at Sephora, I rarely wear makeup anymore. It started out as a way to help clear up my face. Then I started a fashion design internship where I worked with white bridal dresses all day. It didn’t make sense to risk wearing brown makeup and then getting it on a $1000 dress. Even still, there are some days when I put on my makeup, but it isn’t a requirement for me. If I could go barefaced all day everyday, I would. I love the freeing feeling I feel when I have a blank face. I don’t feel paranoid or feel like I have to check my face every few makeups to see if my lipstick or eyebrows are still on fleek. To me…makeup is an art. It is something that is fun to do. If you want to use it as an enhancement…cool. If you want to wear it for whatever reason you want to wear it, then wear it.

But just like you hate it when people say, “Girl you have on too much makeup.” I’m sure people that choose not wear makeup hate it when you all act like it is a requirement for life like breathing or eating. The other thing that bothered me was the fact that young women and little girls on on social media reading these tweets and seeing these memes. Some of them probably think the only way to walk out the house now is with a full face of makeup. Their little easily influence self esteemed selves are already taking that superficial mindset to heart as we speak.

I think we really need to sit down and think about why we think it is a requirement for women to wear makeup. I think we need to figure out why this is such a big deal. I feel like when people say things like Alicia looks sick or ill or whatever, it shows that we are so far detached from what a natural fresh face looks like, and that makes me very sad. Photo taken from here, but edited by me.


Well Alicia has spoken.

Jai From The Fat and Skinny


  1. I think she looks amazing. I think the problem is we always see celebrities in so much make up we are taken back when they chose not to wear it. And who said she didn’t have chapstick on? Still have to moisturize! I’ve never been a fan of too much makeup because of the effects it can have on the natural face. It can be harsh. I’ll never forget, 7th grade: one day I asked a girl if she was feeling ok (she looked like she had a cold). Her response, “No, I just don’t have any makeup on.” DAFUQ?? That scared me! I never wanted to look “sick” if I wasn’t wearing makeup.

    1. Clearly we are in the minority here. Many people thought she looked horrid. I’m with you. I love a good beat every now and then, but my skin needs to breathe.

  2. I have to say that at least we’re all talking about loving who you are- whether it’s bare faced or with makeup! I suppose that was the point, right? I hope no one feels they HAVE to wear makeup, that those that choose to do it is because they love it and nothing more. I think that’s the most important message in all the outrage- no matter what side you’re on

  3. Some of the comments online have been so ridiculous you would have thought she came outside in a halloween mask. Its her natural born face people! How did we get so far from nature that we even start to riducule how people look naturally? I thought she looked gorgeous. We are so used to being subliminally told how we should look that when someone steps outside of that people are aghast.

    1. Right?!?!? Thank you. People are really upset that she chose to wear her face free of makeup. They are acting like she looks crazy or something.

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