Are You American Apparel’s Next Big Thing?

American Apparel The Next Big ThingA couple of years ago I spoke to Dov Charney about starting a plus size clothing line. Now he is doing a plus size model contest.  They want to find someone to model their new size XL (12-14). It will be interesting to see who they pick, and what happens from here. I wonder if this is successful, which it totally is already, if they will extend their sizes some more.

Jai From The Fat and Skinny


  1. Sizes 12-14???? They can do better than this. Those sizes can be found in regular stores. Yeah, those are considered plus sizes, but come on. American Apparel still gets a side-eye from me. 

  2. Sizes 12-14? American Apparel can do better than that. Those sizes can be found in just about any store you go to. Yeah they’re considered plus sizes, but really? American Apparel still gets the side-eye from me. 

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