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Must-Try Fall 2011 Beauty Trend: Bring on the Brows!

Gone are the days that full eyebrows were tweezed to death. A full set of eyebrows are now the must have beauty accessory. Just like men with a full head of hair. Thick, natural eyebrows make any woman look healthier and younger in an instant. Eyebrows can either make or break your look more than anything. It frames your face, especially your eyes. This season, runways have embraced thick and natural looking eyebrows.

BCBG Max Azria Fall 2011 (

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Fall 2011 Hair: All About Sleekness, Texture and Elegance

Everyone wants to have beautiful hair all the time. This Fall, it’s all about sleek, textured and elegant hairstyles that make the most out of your hair. Remember that your hair needs extra care during the winter as it experiences more temperature changes which could suck the life out of your hair or frizz it up.

Short Edgy Hair/Bob

Women with short hair usually have a strong face that can carry it. Bring out your face by matching your hair to your mood. If you feel like you want to go full on androgynous, keep your hair slicked back. If you want to look more soft or natural, let your hair’s natural texture out with little or no control. Style inspirations are Dianna Agron and Emma Watson.

Emma Watson's Very Soft Features Contrast Her Edgy Hairstyle

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Preparing Your Skin for Fall and Winter

Summer is almost over, and the days of lounging around under the sun will soon come to an end. Fall will be the start of the cold months which takes a lot of toll on our skin. Here are some tips to help prepare your skin for the new season.

Do Not Forget The Sunblock: Just because the sun isn’t out that much, it doesn’t mean that it isn’t damaging our skin. Due to this notion, people actually tend to damage the skin more during this season. An added bonus of wearing sunblock would be the extra moisture it gives your skin. You can even wear cream-based sunblock which you couldn’t do during the summer.

Block Up!

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Get Ready for Fall!

Fall is fast approaching, but don’t worry. This year, Fall is all about keeping both hair and make up simple and sophisticated. Bare or nude faces and elegant hairstyles graced the runway. This season’s colors would revolve around deep, dark tones and metallics. Pops of color would be oranges, reds and pinks. Here are some pegs that would give you guys an idea.

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Clipless Curling Iron

If you’re not a hair guru like me, it gets frustrating when you just can’t let your hair fall the way you want to. Beachy waves are perfect for the summer but sometimes getting it perfect takes too much time and effort. I’ve been using a regular curling iron all my life and I never ever did my hair. I always asked someone else because I always got burnt. When I stumbled upon this video, I was amazed at how easy it looked and how great the curls looked like in the end. Clipless Curling Irons, like regular curling irons, comes in different sizes depending on how big you want your curls. Get an iron that’s coated in ceramic to protect your hair and leave it shiny.

*Jai Tip: I have a clipless curling iron. When buying one, make sure that it either comes with a heat protectant glove or you can get one from Sally’s for less than $5. Try the Conair CD117 Infiniti You Curl Tourmaline Ceramic Curling Iron, color may vary for tighter curls or the Cortex Curling Iron, Black, 1″ for bigger curls.
Clipless curling irons are available online and in most beauty stores. I know I want one right now.

Brighten Up!

July 4th is coming up which means it’s time to Party! What better time to try out this year’s beauty trends than now. Summer’s all about being bright and that is the main inspiration for our party looks.

Try a Bold Lip

Bold lips have been hot on the runways during fashion week. The best colors would be colors that resemble fruits. Like watermelon pink and citrusy orange. Matte or glossy, whichever works for the size of your lips. Remember that moisturizing is key to make the color last.

If you want to be really bold, try an Orange shade that suits your skin tone.

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Fresh Face All Summer Long!

Summer will always be about being fresh, clean, light and breezy. A fresh face is a summer trend that can never go wrong. Here are some steps to keep a fresh face that will last the whole summer!

Step 1: Cleanse

A light cleanser is the best way to go. If you have oily skin, try a stronger cleanser to get rid of the excess oil. Cleansers for minimizing pores usually have cool ingredients to help tighten them. These cleansers will be your best friend during the summer.

Never Forget to Cleanse!

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Dos and Don’ts When By The Pool or The Beach

Do Avoid Heavy Hair Products and Styling
If there’s a perfect time for your hair to shine in its own natural glory, this is it. Having stick straight hair or tight curls with a lot of hairspray doesn’t look good and looks like you’re trying too hard when by the pool or beach. Plus, the heat from styling and the heat from the sun will be too much for your hair. A little shine serum will do.
Let It All Out!

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New Nail Trend: OPI’s Shatter Polish

I first stumbled upon this trend on Tumblr and wondered what kind of new nail art trend is this? I was so confused as to how you could achieve that shattered look, so I started Googling shatter polish. And voila! OPI has done it again.

OPI's Shatter Polish

Simply choose your favorite nail polish and apply normally. After letting that layer dry, apply OPI’s shatter polish (seven different colors to choose from) and let that layer dry. You will see the polish shatter slowly. Let it dry again. If you wish to have a smooth coat, apply a top coat after it dries.

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Jennifer Lopez is The Best Hairspiration

She wasn’t named People’s Most Beautiful for no reason. I watched American Idol’s 10th season right from the auditions ’til the finale and all I can say is, J. Lo’s hair was the star every night. If you need a peg for any event, I suggest you click on YouTube, type J. Lo hair, and you’ll be set for a night with great hair!

Here are some of the prettiest styles during the season:



Wild Waves

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