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Think (Faux) Mink!

Seriously $3000 for a fur vest? Get outta here. I’m a huge advocate for saving a buck or two, and I know I’m extremely positive when I say I’m not paying thousands of dollars to rock a piece of animal skin on my back. Especially knowing the harm it does to those poor animals. However, lately I’ve been seeing tons of fur (faux fur that is!) on racks all over the mall; ranging from jackets, hoodies and vests. What I’m digging most about this trend is that it’s so versatile and you can dress it up with a pair of black leggings and clogs or down with your favorite motorcycle boots and skinnys.

Kensie ‘Shaggy’ Faux Fur Vest

Natural Faux Fur Vest

Grey Leopard Spot Fur Collar Scarf

All Over Faux Fur Trapper Hat

-Ariel Twenty Two Couture

Fashion Week Proves Sexy Is Back In!

Dressing up like your boyfriend is soooooo last season people. Thank goodness, the masculinity meets femininity trend is fading and girls and starting to dress like girls again. What I discovered from viewing several fashion collections throughout the month is that many designers are bringin’ sexy back and I’m loving it. Derek Lam, Chloé and Nicolas Andreas Taralis are just a few  designers that have traded the ultra baggy looks for structured, feminine silhouettes with revealing necklines or human flesh. My personal favorite is structured, sexy tops and bottoms with a bit of flare and edge. So lets bring in the sexy for the spring next year. Who’s daring enough to pull it off?

Nicolas Andreas Taralis in Paris

Chloé in Paris

Derek Lam in NYC


Images via LATimes

-Ariel Twenty Two Couture































Burberry Has the Hottest Fashion in London, Hands Down

Burberry Spring 2011

image via

I love Burberry. Always had a knack for it although its style was a bit too mature for my taste. The plaid cashmere scarves and khaki trenches have always been super cute to me but always a bit too grown for my age. However, things are certainly different as Burberry has made a MAJOR come up for their spring 2011 collection. Although the show wasn’t a favorite amongst critics, just about everyone important in the London fashion scene was in attendance. The trenches next season are fabulous.. Seriously, you’ll be a rock star with these studded and metallic jackets. There a little bit of that Burberry sophistication with an underground London edge to it and it’s definitely the hottest thing on the runway for fashion week so far.

-Ariel Twenty Two Couture

Who’s Rockin Combat Boots this Season?

Joie Tall Lace Up Boot

GUESS “Sensation” Lace-Up Combat Boots

As you guys may know, NYC fashion week is starting and I, like so any other fashion obsessed individuals, am extremely excited and estatic. Fashion week marks the beginning of fall fashion and since it occurs in the same week as Labor Day, I guess it’s safe to say that fall is officially here and ready to take action. I love the fall season because I’m a huge boot lover; and what better time to buy a pair of funky boots than the fall? Since the weather’s cooling down; boots should be a MUST on every girl’s shopping list this month. A hot shoe trend that is making it way from the runway to the sidewalk is the laced-up combat boots. Although motorcycle boots were huge last year, the laced-up combat boots are just simply cuter, more durable and way more stylish. With the whole military-wear trend going on, laced up combat boots are so in this season.

Restricted Combat Boot

Rock It: Lace

Givenchy ‘Lace’ Bootie

Lace Strapped Leotard by RARE

I been really digging lace a lot lately, but I was always too intimidated to wear it out of fear of looking trashy or slutty. However, this season many designers and fashion houses have been helping me cure my fears by creating cute, appropriate and fashionable lace ensembles. This year expect to see lots of lace on lots of body parts. Yes girls, you can rock lace on your hands, arms, feet, legs and just about anywhere else. Release your inner rock diva and don this trend while the weather is still nice.

Black Lace Vest and Black Tank 2Fer Top

Seam Lace Zip Back Shell Top

-Ariel Twenty Two Couture

Crazy for Leopard Prints

Leopard Molly Bag by Pauls B

DIVA Leopard Wellies

Autumn by far has to be the best season of the year. The weather is nice, the trees are beautiful, everyone’s back to school and fashion is at its peak. What makes fall fashion better than any other fashions throughout the year is that fall marks a new year for fashion trends. Many designers and fashionistas aren’t afraid to let their claws out and embrace their inner-divas by rockin’ something new and exclusive. Although I’m not huge on animal prints, I do love me some leopard (in moderation of course!) and luckily for me leopard is back and in full effect this fall. RAWRRR!!!

Grey Pink Leopard Spot Cropped Cardigan

Motel Leopard Print Cage Back Dress

-Ariel Twenty Two Couture

Kimora Says Bye Bye to Baby Phat!

No! Kimora don’t go. I was bummed when I found out that Mrs. Fabulousity herself Kimora Lee is leaving Baby Phat after 14 years. I along with so many other fashionistas will  miss Kimora and her fabulous clothes rock the runway in September for New York fashion week. Baby Phat was known to bring the biggest and baddest celebrities and concluded the end of fashion week in New York. Kimora seems very optimistic about the future though; and says she’s leaving the company she founded with her ex Russell Simmons to do bigger and better things.

Heres what Kimora had to say:

“After 14 years of conceiving and nurturing Baby Phat, it’s time for me to move on and further expand my other businesses and create a new phenomenon. I adore all those who have faithfully been with me since the beginning…We’re ready for our next journey together and we’re taking a whole new generation of incredible young women with us. Girl power unite!”

Get ‘em girl. I’m excited to see what you have in store in the upcoming months.

-Ariel Twenty Two Couture

The Trench

Trench coats are always stylish and in season. They flatter every body type and provide a sexy sophistication to any casual outfit. Trenches are a good investment for any diva on a budget because they can be worn in both the spring seasons and the fall seasons. This fall expect to see more military and utilitarian style trenches, they’ll provide a rough edge to the otherwise classic trend.

Tons of celebrities have been spotted with Trench coats within in the past few months especially Victoria Beckham who has helped make the trench coat an iconic peace in the past year or so.

Classic Trench Coat $88

TFNC Vintage Military Style Festival Parka $75

Jessica London Classics Short Trench $79.99 – $89.99

Jessica London Short Trench $69.99

Victoria Beckham Trench-Burberry

-Ariel Twenty Two Couture

Lovin’ (Faux) Leather

Leather has been around forever and every season the ultra-fabric reinvents itself with trendy fashion pieces. I’m a huge fan of leather, I adore it. It’s cute, comfortable, sexy and damn vicious. Everyone looks good in leather. The only pitfall I and many others have with leather is it derivation from animals. Since many animal rights advocates oppose leather, fashion designers and labels have been using faux leather to create the same looks as high-priced genuine leather. Don’t be ashamed to wear faux leather. It’s wallet-friendly, it’s ethical and it’s just as hot and sexy as genuine leather.

Z. Cavaricci Couture – Black Drape-Front Faux Leather Jacket $70.00

Sparkle and Fade Faux Leather Jacket $69.99

Natalie Portman

-Ariel Twenty Two Couture