Bad Bish-Blogger Edition The Haute Pursuit

Bad Bish

I hope you enjoyed Christina from last week’s Bad Bish Blogger Edition post. This week we have Vanessa from The Haute Pursuit is one of my favorite style inspirations. Her style is edgy, yet approachable and her shoe and coat collections are to die for.  She’s from Canada, the same place at Bad Bish Blogger 1 Mina, and she really knows how to dress for their climate. One of the best things about her website is the DIY section. Vanessa’s done some great DIYs including the Miu Miu painted bird stockings.  This year she started the website Panda Brains to help other bloggers market their blogs better. Check out her blog and more awesome style pics at The Haute Pursuit.

Jai From The Fat and Skinny

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