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Bangs Shoes

Early last week, after I came back from my trip, I was able to meet with Hannah Davis (founder and president of Bangs Shoes). It was so nice to talk with someone my age who is actively making a difference in the world. I was tickled pink to know that we are from the same hometown and went to school in the same school district. It really is a small world.

During my time with Hannah, she told me about her mission and her company. The name “Bangs”  in Bangs Shoes comes from her time in China. If you know anything about the Chinese language, then you know that the Chinese character for “help” is phonetically spelled out as “BANG”. She also talked about how the plain green military shoes that everyone was wearing in her area of China caught her eye. Soon she realized that there was something about these shoes that people liked. Her Bangs Shoes journey started there.

I know everybody, including myself, has jumped on the cool shoe meets charity train, but Bangs Shoes are different. Instead of all the shoes going to one specific cause, each shoe color represents a different cause. The shoes come in either a high top or a low top, and each shoe has a specific symbol on it that represents each charity or cause. Twenty percent of the proceeds from each shoe sale goes to that charity. The high tops are $60 and the low tops are $55.

If you want to buy or try on her shoes in the Midlands, you can go to Good for the Sole in Five Points or Half Moon Outfitters on Devine Street. If you live elsewhere or are just really curious, you can check out her super sweet Bangs Shoes website. Hannah was nice enough to give me a pair of shoes to try. I picked the white high tops that invest in financial empowerment through Even though I wear a size ten she told me to pick the 9.5. If you have wide feet, I suggest you try a size up. Watch my Instagram for a pic of me wearing my shoes. I am thinking of taking them on my next trip this weekend!

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