Baptiste Giabiconi Brings The Fashion Fuckery With New Music Video

Lagerfeld Male Model Muse Baptiste Giabiconi brings the fashion fuckery with his new music video for the song “Showtime”. The music video came out last week, but I was too busy trying to do school work to watch. Now that I have, I seriously regret not being able to get those precious few minutes back. Really I do. Baptiste…you are a beautiful man, a very beautiful man. Model you may be, but singer you are not.

I’m going to tell you the plot of this Jersey fist pump inducing music video, because if you are smart, you won’t click play.

Baptiste roams the American desert on a motorcycle looking hot, not because he is in the desert, but simply because he is hot. After he stops at a gas station and flirts with a pretty girl, the pretty girl gets abused by her dirty looking boyfriend. Baptiste then does that forlorn, I’m so painfully sexy that I’m in constant agony thing he does with he face. You know… the boy band stare. The sullen Baptiste prays for the little abused gas station girl and  pulls into the nearest diner where lo and behold, his abused gas station girl is too! They run off together, but not before they blow up the dirty abusive boyfriend’s car.

The dirty abusive boyfriend and his two Mexican henchmen chase after Baptiste and his no longer abused gas station girlfriend, but they are no match for the trick tricksters. Baptiste and his no longer abused gas station girlfriend have now finished making sweet, sweet love in a dirty desert motel room  full of junk and a sheetless bed. They blissful couple are now on their way to freedom…or not. There’s a sequel.


Why did they blow the car up when the dirty abusive boyfriend and his Mexican henchmen weren’t in the car?

Why is everything (gas station, diner, motel) so dirty in the desert?

Why dear – insert whichever God you pray to here or not- is there a sequel in the works?

Why does Baptiste think he has a shot in the music industry? Why?

I guess we will never know…

Jai From The Fat and Skinny

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