Barneys NY Warehouse Sale Is Coming… Save The Moolah Now!!!

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I get emails from Barneys New York, which is totally bad news bears IMHO because I don’t need to spend money because I don’t have any. YEP! I said it!  So imagine my surprise when I got the email today advertising the major major majorly awesome Warehouse Sale! If you live anywhere near New York (August 19-September 6), Los Angeles (August 5-August 15), or San Francisco (July 29-August 8) please check it out. Word to the wise though:

  1. Only bring a wallet or small handbag. When I went to the sale in NY, I had to give them my bag and take a ticket. If I had anything of value in my purse I had to haul it and store it in a giant clear trash bag. Security is tight.
  2. Prepare to see celebrities. They like to save too. I totally geeked out in silence when I saw Sofia Coppola.
  3. Wear comfy flats and comfy clothes, so you can try on different items without having any problems. Most people were trying on clothes on top of their clothes because everything is so tight and secure in the space.

Jai From The Fat and Skinny


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