Beauty Bit- ELF Cosmetics Radiance Enhancers

Beauty Bit
elf radiance enhancers

I love ELF Cosmetics Radiance Enhancers. They are the truth! Elf Cosmetics makes the best quality makeup at the cheapest prices for those beauty lovers on a budget, and the Radiance Enhancers are no exception. Coming in at $3, you can get one of three colors. Spotlight is a little pinkish. Sunrise is more of a creamy pearl color, and Golden is gold of course. For my brown toned skin, I prefer Golden. I dab a little on the top of my cheeks right underneath my eye and voila! I look like a golden goddess. The consistency is thick and creamy, but also a little liquidy so you can apply it easily. I recommend getting since they are so cheap and amazing. Photo from ELF Cosmetics.

Jai From The Fat and Skinny

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