Beauty Bit- How To Get a Straw Set for Transitioners and Fully Naturals

The straw set is one of my new protective styles that I am using during my transition to natural hair. It requires some time, but very little supplies. My beautician used some drinking straws, which you can get from the dollar store, and the wrapping paper for rollers which you can get at the beauty supply store for less than $5. Plus it lasts a long time. Every place I have gone, people have loved my hair. That was quite surprising. I have had short hair before, but I never thought I looked good with it. Even though I have a shoulder length bob, the curls have shrunken my hair, and I find that I do actually look good with short hair now. I got it done on Friday, and it still looks great on Monday. All I do to maintain the straw set is put some oil and a spray leave-in conditioner on it at night and in the morning and sleep with a satin bonnet on.

This video from backsyncfan will show you how to do a straw set with some straws. Even though she uses a specific product line, you can use whatever hair products you like or feel comfortable with. Make sure that you put a little oil on your hands to separate and retwist the curls around your fingers after your hair dries and you take out the straws. If you don’t oil your fingers up before you retwist your straw set, your curls with come out frizzy. Who wants frizzy curls? Not I. Just make sure your hands are lightly greased with a light oil because you don’t want the curls to be weighed down. Have you tried this style? Will you try it? Let me know!

Here is a picture of my own straw set that I took on Instagram:

Straw Set


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