Beauty Bit- Lottabody Curl and Style Milk Review

lottablody curl and style milk

Y’all I finally bought the $5 bottle of Lottabody Curl and Style Milk. I now see why everyone was raving about it. This product keeps my hair sooooo soft and manageable. You can use it for twist outs too. That is what I did. I used it on my twists and on my wash and gos.

The bottle says it is good for relaxed and natural textures. I don’t know about how it works on relaxed hair, but I can can say that it made my 4 abc textured hair moisturized for days. FOR DAYS!!!! I have never had a product do that before. I take that back. Blue Magic lasted long too, but the ingredients are much better in the Lottabody Curl and Style Milk. Get you some!

lottablody curl and style milk

Jai From The Fat and Skinny

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