Beauty Bit-The Difference Betweein BB Creams and CC Creams With AprilAthena7

aprilathena7 bb vs cc creams

Last year BB creams took America by storm, and while there are still very few options for women of color…beauty companies have now moved on to CC Creams. “What’s a CC cream,” you ask? Well just like a BB cream, CC creams have a multiple product in one thing going on except instead of being a beauty balm aka BB cream, it is a color corrector or CC cream. It is supposed to even out dark spots, redness, and the like. Youtube Beauty Guru AprilAthena7 always haws some great videos packed with lots of cool beauty news and advice. Watch her video above to learn the real difference between BB and CC creams, and learn some of her favorite brands. Also check below for some of my favorite new CC cream brands.

Thanks goes out to Nancy Martin for winning the Chu Shu Instagram contest and Chelsea Finn for winning the Target gift card contest!

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