Shoe of the Week- Shop Ruche Brown Ankle Booties

brown ankle booties

brown ankle booties

Brown ankle booties have been a big trend in boots for the past several years now, and they don’t seem to be going anywhere. The thing I love about this trend is that you can wear them in the summer, but they look best in the fall-my favorite season. Less than 16 days until the Pumpkin Spice Latte! Ok…ok back to the shoes.

The other thing I like about brown ankle booties is that they can be worn with a lot of things which make for a great wardrobe staple, and a lot of brands make cute, affordable options that don’t break the bank! Shop Ruche has the Ruby Cognac Bootie with a tiny doable heel and a cool Chelsea boot design. For $42.99, you can’t beat that! Because this shoe is at Shop Ruche…you might want to step on it and snap it up quickly. They sell out all of the time. Photo from Shop Ruche.

Jai From The Fat and Skinny

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