Jean Review

I was asked to review some jeans from I had never heard of this company before, so I did some quick research and decided to say yes. Maurices is online, and they have physical stores in different cities around the country. They are a woman’s clothing store that sells plus and straight sizes. Maurices…… Continue reading Jean Review

Vogue Italia Is Moving Forward

Apparently I am ranked number 259 on this European site called Wikio in the fashion category, and my New York Fashion Week coverage got Google indexed really high last week. Soooo go me I guess. My hard work is finally paying off. Yay! I don’t know if you guys have noticed, but Vogue Italia has…… Continue reading Vogue Italia Is Moving Forward

London Fashion Week

London Fashion Week is halfway through. As usual London Fashion Week is the smallest of all the major fashion weeks, but creates some of the most creative looks. Bodyamr presented some amazing Grecian inspired clothes with wonderful draping. Hakaan showed excellent, architectural, and very short dresses that are great for the girl who wants to…… Continue reading London Fashion Week

Japanese Shirt Folding and PlusTeen USA

Support The Fat and Skinny Shop!I thought you guys might like this. I am still trying to figure this out. I am not giving up. I WILL GET THIS!!!!!In Japanese In English Also PlusTeen USA is looking for sponsers. All the info needed is on the flyer.

A Year In The Life Of The Fat and Skinny

On January 3rd of last year, I started The Fat and Skinny on Fashion as hobby. It was just a blog to show my life,photography, fashion news, and just plain fashion and beauty things that I loved. Since then I have completed my first year of fashion graduate school at the Academy of Art University.…… Continue reading A Year In The Life Of The Fat and Skinny

Thanks So Much Jens Fashion Plus

Photo from Jen’s Fashion Plus I would take a picture of me in this dress, but I just started school yesterday, and I am leaving for the beach today. Jen from Jen’s Fashion Plus sent me this cute dress that I want to wear with my yellow tights from We Love Colors. The feel of…… Continue reading Thanks So Much Jens Fashion Plus