Christian Siriano For Payless

From The Cut.

Last December, Christian Siriano announced plans to debut an accessories line for Payless at Fashion Week. Well, rejoice, the wait is over. The designer premiered his line of Egyptian-inspired footwear (and some bags) at his show last night, full of spikes, chains, and cone heels. His color choices: Deep brown in matte leather (or probably pleather), patent chocolate, gold triangle heels, and aqua satin featuring a print that resembled hieroglyphics. We’re torn — on one hand, we love that these will only cost $25 to $45 when they hit stores this fall. But on the other, we’re weary that the footwear looks similar to Rodarte’s a couple seasons ago. So you make the call … would you buy them?

I honestly wish they came in other colors.

Jai From The Fat and Skinny


  1. my feet too. actually all my shoes are from payless. i must say i love them cause they are so cheap but soooo uncomfortable. what fashion school do u go to? i went to fashion school too for 2 years and then i quit. i wasnt very good at sewing and pattern drafting. always behind.

  2. I like shoe 3, 4, and 6. They don’t look like murder weapons. If I saw my lady friend in shoes like (not 3, 4, and 6) I think I’d immediately buckle my knees to protect my crotch…yepp

  3. I saw this article somewhere else and my answer is still the same.

    Yes, I will buy AT LEAST one pair of Christian Siriano’s shoe line for Payless.
    Not because he is Christian Siriano, but because of how appealing the shoes already look in the picture. Plus, it’s afforable glam fashion.

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