Cleaning Out Your Closet- Organizing Your Clothes

organizing your clothes

organizing your clothes

Hey everyone! I’ve got another post for my Closet Cleaning series. Last week Tiffany Marie Tucker taught you all how to make a capsule wardrobe, and I gave you a list to help you plan your capsule wardrobe this fall. This week I want to help you learn how to organize your clothes. Organizing your clothes is not that hard, and you can do it whether you clean out your closet or not. Although it does help if you start fresh, or at least give some things away to make space for others. Use the list from last week to help get you started.

The items below are mostly optional depending on your needs, however… I will say that depending on the space you have in your home, a good shoe rack and clothes rack are great options for any wardrobe. In my closet, I have a rack for shoes and an over the door rack for scarves and jackets that I wear regularly, and lots of under the bed storage that I use for packing away seasonal items. I also use stackable plastic storage cubbies for seasonal items that I will use for one season and then put away when the next season starts. The stackable containers are perfect for rotating seasonal items like sweaters, boots, swimsuits, and flip flops/sandals.

The thing I love about the items below is that they are customizable to your needs. You can build your own system of organization using these items, or items that you think fit your needs. Because certain things are stackable, can hang from racks or doors, or sit on top of racks you can plan a system that works with your wardrobe and life. Just pick the pieces below that you feel you need and you are set. It is super easy to do. One of the things I like is finding items that have wheels on them. The wheels are super convenient because you can move the racks where ever you need it to go. Keep that in mind when you start to plan and organize your closet. Check out the items I use and recommend to my clients below.

Products You Need For Organizing Your Clothes:

  1. Shoe Rack-over the door or standing
  2. Clothes Rack
  3. Stacking Plastic Storage
  4. Purse Holder
  5. Scarf Holder
  6. Under The Bed Storage
  7. Drawer Dividers

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organizing your clothes


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