Couture With A Conscience

I love shopping. DUH! I also happen to like companies that do great things for the less fortunate as well. I am so glad I found out about this company on Twitter. Check this out!

From the Shabby Apple website: For many women in the developing world, life is a constant struggle against poverty and hardship. Limited economic opportunity leads to a downward cycle of malnutrition, illiteracy and poor health – a cycle that traps each new generation. Through access to microfinance – financial services such as microcredit loans, insurance, savings and other products – women can overcome poverty and provide a better life for their children. Shabby Apple wants to help. With your help, we hope to provide 500 women with micro-credit loans by December 31 of this year. There are two ways to contribute.

  1. Buy a dress from Shabby Apple. Shabby Apple donates 5% of all its net profits to Unitus. Every time you order something from Shabby Apple, part of this order funds a micro-credit loan.
  2. Donate an extra $5 at the checkout page. When checking out, scroll down and click on the ‘help women worldwide’ button. This donation will directly contribute to a micro-credit loan.

To learn more, click here. Double your effect: Enter the Code couture to receive $5 off of any order. Shabby Apple will double its donation for every couture coupon used. Share this coupon with friends: here

I am totally in love with this concept. I think its fabulous, and not only do they make beautiful dresses for straight and junior sizes, but they make plus sizes and maternity clothes as well. Shabby Apple is also developing a fitness line. Most of the clothes are under $100. They are just expanding and giving back at the same time. I love it. Take a look at some of Shabby Apple’s cutest looks.

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Jai From The Fat and Skinny


  1. This looks like a great company! I especially like how they don't mark their clothes up too high but they are still able to to give back to the community. I wish people would stop over paying for their clothes. Sometimes it makes me feel sad that people are voluntarily being ripped off by the high fashion industry. Lol, I don't care what anyone says a leather bag is never worth $10,000… no matter who made it :0). But maybe that's just me.

    Good luck at the Black Weblog awards!! I hope you win, I will vote for you for sure! I hope one day I can be in it too!

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