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Today’s currently craving designer/brand is Anna Scholz, a former plus size model and a UK based designer. Anna Scholz is a luxury plus size fashion designer who is known for her bright prints, and luxury fabrics. The Anna Scholz brand has created both the White Label premium collection and the Black Label Diffusion collection.

The White Label Premium is a collection of luxury products made especially for curvy women, whereas the Black Label Diffusion collection is a collection of designs sold at lower prices for women on a budget. I already know which collection I belong too; I’m as cheap as cheap can get.

Today, Anna Scholz released her first Autumn/Winter 14 piece collection online! There’s a mesh skater dress that I have absolutely falling in love with!

Here’s a look at a few new pieces:

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Are you a fan of Anna Scholz? Have you seen anything from the Autumn/Winter collection that has you reaching for your wallet? If so, what? Let’s chat!

Items pictured above:
Snake Jacquard Trousers
Double Silk Wrap Dress
Double Silk Black Panel Dress 

Jai From The Fat and Skinny

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