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vince camuto

vince camuto

A week ago I celebrated my mother’s birthday by taking her to the mall. One of the stores we spent a lot of time in was Vince Camuto. My mother left that store with about four pairs of heels. Since I injured my knee, I only left the Vince Camuto Store with one pair of ballet flats that had a memory foam like insole. The shoes are very comfortable. Actually Vince Camuto is known for having very comfortable, yet super stylish shoes.

Vince Camuto has several different lines with varying price points under the Vince Camuto banner. One of those lines is the VC Signature line. Their most popular shoe is the Ronan. It keeps coming back every season in different colorways, fabrics, and textures. The VC Signature Ronan that my mom bought is the cork style above. It is a new fabric for spring. Let me tell you this. My mom loves the VC Signature Ronan. She is a fan now, and has already worn the shoes out. I feel like she might go back to the store and get some more shoes in this style when she comes back in town to visit me.

I can see why many women like this shoe. At 3.5 inches, the shoe is that tall. The insole is padded , and many heel wearers say that it is doable. The plunge peep toe bootie design is perfect for all seasons depending on which fabric you get. If you get the plain leather ones, they can definitely be worn all year round. The one thing I noticed about this shoe is that for some the heel pops up because the shoe is loose in the ankle, so make sure you try it on. Depending on which style of the VC Signature Ronan you buy, the price can vary between $134.99 – $495.00. This shoe is made well, is supposedly very comfy, and can be worn all year round. Usually I post cheaper shoes, but this one sounds like a great investment to me. Everyone needs that one shoe purchase that, even though it is a splurge, will pay off in the end. Get the shoe here. Photo from Vince Camuto.

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