Why Don”t We Have A Zara Store Near Us?

Zara Fall 2011

Why don’t we have a Zara store near us? My town is finally getting a Forever 21. I don’t know if it will even carry the Forever 21+ brand. The closest H&M and and Zara stores are three hours away. I would have to drive for three hours, then get stuck in the crazy Atlanta traffic, and stay over night so I wouldn’t be sleepy on the ride home. Perusing the racks at H&M during Lanvin madness is out of the question. Checking out this new Zara collection in the flesh is out of the question as well.

Zara Fall 2011Zara Fall 2011

Everything in this collection is so spot on with what is happening in fashion right now without being too trendy. Fashion today is very sophisticated, but this collection proves that you can still be sophisticated without being too mature and matronly. I think a lot of the pieces are very classic. Women who buy this collection will keep some of the blazers and coats for a long time.Zara Fall 2011

Zara Fall 2011Zara Fall 2011

I really enjoyed the leather pieces and leopard printed pieces, but of course you guys knew that because you all know I love leopard print. Some people claim that the age of the skinny pant and legging are gone, but these Zara velvet leggings and skinny pants look really sleek. If you have a Zara store near you, check it out. Photos from Zara.


Jai From The Fat and Skinny


  1. Yea I know what you mean. My hometown is finally getting a f21 and for years I wanted one, but now I don’t wanna see every other girl wearing the same thing as me! And my closest H&M is 45 minutes away so I will be missing out on the Lanvin as well…


    1. 45 mins is better than 3 hours but I feel you on not wanting to be a cookie cutter person. That is what I fear when forever 21 invades my town.

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