My Dreams Of Owning A PS1 Might Be Over

proenza schouler ps1
I love the PS ! bag by Proenza Schouler, but they are just so gosh darn expensive. Now they have a patent leather version that looks oh so devine. I love patent leather bags because you can wear them in the rain and not have to worry about them. These are the prices for the bag, Pochette ($895), Medium ($1595), and Large ($1995). Crazy! The purse will only be sold online at
proenza schouler ps1
I am really in love with this bag. It is one of those bags that is classic, even though it is technically new to the It-Bag world. It looks kind of like an old school bag, and those bags never go out of style. I personally would mind having the bag in black, tan, maybe a green, or even a yellow. I feel like those are classic colors that go with everything. Now that the bag comes in patent leather, I want that bag too!
proenza schouler ps1
The Proenza Schouler boys shot a nice little video to go along with their bag. OK who am I kidding. I did not like that video at all. It was hmmmm…. honestly I don’t ever really get their vision for their fashion videos, but that is neither here nor there. What is here and there and everywhere is the fact that I love these bags, and I think they are really special. Bag photos are from the lovely Refinery 29.

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