Etsy Love- Curious Creatures’ Rope Bracelet with Brass Tubes

etsy jewelry

etsy jewelry

I have been scouring Etsy again for cute and unforgettable items. Today I found a cute little jewelry shop on Etsy called the Curious Creatures Shop. Curious Creatures jewelry shop features cute, yet sophisticated jewelry at really sweet prices. The jewelry Larissa sells looks very simple, airy, and organic. There is something very natural about the pieces that drew me to them.. You could find jewelry like this at some expensive online or local boutique, but everything here is priced between $18- $42! I feel like it should be more because everything is so pretty and looks so well made. Look at these rope bracelets! The bracelets¬† fit like a square on your arm because of the brass tubes and come in two colors, Stark Black and Soft Mauve. They are prefect for paring together or separately and are priced at $26. That’s not bad at all. Take a gander at the Curious Creatures Shop on Etsy. Also be sure to check out her awesome blog!

Jai From The Fat and Skinny

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