My Love/Hate Relationship With Facing Rejection

facing rejection

facing rejection

I have a love/hate relationship with facing rejection. Like most people I hate rejection, but unlike some people I love it a little bit too. Rejection can be hard to take and digest. It can hurt you and leave you confused. There are so many times that I’ve sent in a request for something or a pitch to a website for an article and then get turned super down. The waiting part can be just as nerve racking as the rejection itself. The feeling my nerves get from just the thought of rejection can be like sitting on a small boat on a stormy sea. When it starts to happen more and more frequently, you begin to forget about all those times in between the rejections that you actually got accepted or a great and mighty YES!

The reason I have a love/hate relationship with facing rejection is that I feel like maybe rejection can be good for us sometimes. Sometimes we need to be told no so that other better, greater, more phenomenal opportunities can come our way. The first YES might not be the answer we seek. There have been jobs, situations, even personal relationships that I have been rejected by or pushed aside for only to realize days or months later that I don’t want anything to do with that situation. Yes sometimes we can get rejected from things that are rightfully ours, but sometimes we also have to see how sometimes the universe might be giving us a helping hand and a push in the right direction. Photo by Yuriy Khimanin on Unsplash.

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