Faith 21 Is Changing Their Name To Forever 21 + Plus Sizes

Faith 21 is now going to be Forever 21 + Plus Sizes. The name confused me at first, but Faith 21 actually grew on me. Now they are changing the name to something that I am going to have to get used to all over again. Apparently the clothes won’t change, just the name. How do you feel about the change?

Jai From The Fat and Skinny


  1. Honestly, they should have called it like that from the beginning. Except maybe that would require them to include in the Plus Size line many of the items they include in the F21 line, only in larger sizez – and maybe they didn’t want to do that, hence the faith 21 name.

    But now they are changing the name but not the clothes? I’m confused.

  2. I feel that they should leave the name as is. It has already developed a following, why confuse people. I also like the fact that the plus sizes kind of had their own brand. In my opinion it signaled to plus size women that we care about you enough to give you your own brand. Instead of just extending sizes in the regular line with clothing that is not exactly made for plus sized woman.

  3. I dont really care for the name change. I dont need the constant reminder that I am a plus sized girl. I think that faith21 held it own and did have the “fat girl” brand following the name. It a place that I feel okay shopping because it doesnt target that I am the biggest Ive been. I completely okay with my sizes now, but the is no need to add plus sizes to something. It just seems kind of lame if you as me.

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