Farewell Paris Fashion Week Fall 2011

Paris Fashion Week Fall 2011 has bid us adieu. I feel like this fashion month has gone by soo slowly because so much has happened. It was only a month ago to the day that I was flying into New York for fashion week And now Paris Fashion Week, with all its rumors, intrigue, mysteries, and scandals is over…finally. *Cue…Deep…Sighs…Now! Oh, but while we are on the subject of rumors and such, apparently it is a known fact that Riccardo Tisci will leave Givenchy for Dior!!!! I saw it isn’t a known fact until a press release has been sent out, but whatever. Whoever knows the truth probably isn’t saying anything at all. Duh!!! If this is true, who will take over Givenchy? Aye carumba!

Anywho! I decided to do something different for these last few shows. In place of my usual pitiful photo collages, I have brought you fashion videos because videos are more fun and entertaining. Thank me later.

Let’s start with Yves Saint Laurent! I love the suiting with the cropped pant or short skirt that Stefano Pilati did. It was a good mix of masculine and feminine. His use of fur was fabulous as well. I loved the white fur coat and the coat before it with the black fur hood. I also loved the white section at the end. I don’t usually wear all white, just a few pieces here and there, but I would wear that white tux.  They say that Pilati may be out soon at YSL, but the higher ups at the label said recently that that is a lie. Let’s hope so, because I like his work at YSL.

Chanel was grungy and dark and I loved it. I loved how Karl mixed these huge, chunky silhouettes with skinny, tight silhouettes. I love how collars were big, and jackets were slouchy, and skirts with oversized. I also loved the combat boots. Gorgeous! I can’t believe how great this collection was.

While I enjoyed the the Valentino collection, I still think Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pier Paolo Piccioli have some improvements to make. This collection was the best one that they have done for the classic label. This collection was more Valentino than previous collection and think that was a great move on their part. I loved the colors. The eggplant was perfect for fall. I can’t wait to see how women wear this collection on the street.


Sarah Burton does a wonderful job of creating collections that ensure that Alexander McQueen‘s legacy lives on. The classic McQueen shapes and embellishments were all there, and did you see those shoes? Awesome, but I would totes break an ankle in them. Playing on the rumor theme again, they tried to say that the label would design Princess-to-be Kate Middleton’s dress. I called hogwash on that from the start, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want it to be true.

Last but not least is Louis Vuitton. Before I start, I want to wish Marc by Marc Jacobs a happy 10th birthday! I also want to know that this show was casted by Of Note post subject Michelle Lee. She did a grand job casting this show. Did you see Kate Moss come out of runway retirement to close the show? Everything was perfect. Everything. From the elevators and doormen in the middle of the floor, to the jodhpurs, green boots, yellow LV purse, hats, briefs, and see-through clothes….I died Rachel Zoe style.

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