Fringe Trend Report: Feather Extensions, Body Chains, and Vintage Manicures


Today we’re taking a short break from our usual programming to bring you a few fringe trends.

I usually try and stay within trends that I know are already close to going mainstream.

But, I feel like it’s still important to keep a look out for those fringe trends. Some die out, some stay on the fringe, and a few do become full blown trends.

So here’s a post on three trends that I’ve been keeping an eye on for a while, we’ll see what happens to them in the next few seasons.

Feather Hair Extensions

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They’re a bunch of three or so feathers threaded into your hair like normal hair extensions. Fully washable, blow dry-able, and style-able, they usually slip out on their own after a month or so.

I’m still convincing my roommate to get some, as they would look absolutely stellar with her boho-rocker style, but the girls I’ve seen around the city are just too cute.

Body Chains

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After the whole uproar over Emma Roberts wearing a body chain a few weeks ago (am I the only one who thought she looked cute?) I feel that this trend is on its way to being mainstream. However, it’s not too late to be an early adopter.

I know that I already have a few pieces on my wish list, now I just have to decide which one is actually coming home with me…

Half Moon Manicure

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A favorite of Dita Von Teese, this vintage manicure from the ’30s and ’40s is making a come back. I think it looks very old school glamor with an edge, and I’ll definitely be trying a DIY at home.

If you’re interested also, I’m going to be using this tutorial on youtube. Considering it uses binder reinforcements as guides, it looks pretty idiot-proof.


Erin at Pixel Perfect

Jai From The Fat and Skinny


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