Manifest This! Full Moon In Aries Ritual

Full Moon in Aries

Full Moon in Aries
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Today we have a guest post from Asiah Mae. She is a goddess who produces many cool projects like For the Scribes and illvibethetribe. Today she graciously shares her full moon ritual with us. Thank you Asiah Mae!

Happy Hunter’s Moon aka Full Moon in Aries!

Are you ready to reap what you’ve been sowing? Aries full moon is all about personal truths. The fierce, determined person inside of you, the badass that’s forever getting it done. Oh and the passion! This is what Aries brings to us. You’re probably feeling very powerful, or super ready to start a new project. Maybe you’ve cleaned the whole house today (I definitely have), organized your blog, or ran a mile.

Either way, you’re ready to go. But slow down! Full moons are for release, and re-evaluation, and with the sun in polar opposite and balancing Libra ask yourself: in what areas do I need to be more balanced? In what ways do I need to give more to myself, but also to others? Aries can be a selfish and boastful sign, and it’s also ruled by Mars, the planet of war, so we need to take extra care as to not hurt anyone around us with our words or emotions today. Take some time to meditate and figure out what’s your “why” today. What’s the passion behind what you want or what you do? What obstacles do you need to get over in order to be your best you?

Full Moon Ritual


  1. pen
  2. paper
  3. red candles
  4. fire safe bowl
  5. crystals (optional)

Start by clearing your space with either sage, Palo Santo or with the energy of your mind. Find a quiet space and set the mood. I usually have a playlist going very softly, incense lit, and things that make me happy surrounding me, in this case some items that represent your passions. Light your red candle and meditate upon what you’d like to let go of, and what you’d like to manifest. Visualize yourself wrapped in a red bubble, start at the top of your toes and let it surround you. Inside of the bubble, visualize all of your passions taking form. Let that sink into you.

When you open your eyes, begin to write. Make a list of all the things you’re passionate about, and why. On another sheet of paper, write down all the things you want to let go of, and what you would like to replace it with. Always close with your karma free clause.

“I welcome all of this into my life, or something greater, for the greatest good of all concerned”.

When you are finished, fold each paper and burn it with the red candle. Drop them in the bowl. Make sure it is completely burned. Take your ashes outside and toss it to the wind (Libra is Air, Aries is fire.) Take note of how you feel after, your energy levels and the color of the flame. Let me know on social media at @_asiahmae on twitter!

Happy Manifesting!

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Full Moon in Aries

Photo found on Unsplash.

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