Bad Bish- Givenchy Fall ’13 Ads Featuring Carine Roitfeld and Her Daughter

carine roitfeld and julia restoin roitfeld

carine roitfeld and julia restoin roitfeld

Riccardo Tisci just released the new Givenchy Fall ’13 ad campaigns with Carine Roitfeld and her daughter Julia Restoin Roitfeld, actress Amanda Seyfrield, and model Dalianah Arekion. While Amanda Seyfreild and Dalianah Arekion look great, I think Carine and her daughter Julia look amazing! They look like the same person at different times in their life. Well anyway, Carine and her daughter look really good. Carine is supposedly 58 years old! Have a great Memorial Day Weekend! I might not post on Monday since it will be a holiday in the US. Be safe and pray for those around the world. I think the whole world needs a hug. Photo from Refinery29.

Jai From The Fat and Skinny

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