Glamour magazine wants to know how you define “plus size”

I got this from Curvy Lifestyles.

I think this should be interesting. I already sent my answer in.

Attention Plus Size & Curvy ladies,

If your familiar with my blog, you know I’m not really the greatest fan of the word “fat”. I look at it as negative and why would I want to say negative words to myself or other fabulous plus size & curvy women? Different women, however, have different ways of perceiving and expressing themselves on how they define their curvy bodies. How would you like the opportunity to voice your opinion on the matter?

The other day I received an email from Michelle Weston of SellingStyle,Inc that I’d love to share with you. I’ve included the message below:

Subject: Women size 12+ for Glamour story (no, we won’t print your size!) (please forward)
So I’m looking for ladies to help us redefine what “plus-size” means for the September issue of Glamour. If you’re between the ages of 18 and 34 and a size 12 or larger (what the industry considers plus-size), I want to hear what you call yourself. Are you “Thick and Juicy”? “Real-sized” “Sexy and Shapely?” “Simply Beautiful?” “Normal?”
Got a great redefinition of plus-size to share? Shoot me an email with the following:

Full Name:
City and State:
Your Size (just for research, we won’t print):
you call “plus-size”:
Why do you call yourself that?:
What do you think about size 12 being the benchmark for plus-size?:

If you would like to send in your responses (I’d say even if your over 34, fabulosity knows no age!!) please send your answers and any questions to:

Kenrya at [email protected]

Jai From The Fat and Skinny

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