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I am so sick and tired of the backlash from the YFF Conference. Gabi doesn’t have the money to invite a million people. It has nothing to do with ego, and for the people getting mad for her joking about your jealousy and hate and stupidity… GET A LIFE! Stop being silly and realize how stupid you look. Half of the reason you guys comment under the name “Anonymous” is because you know you look silly. Get over it. This isn’t what the fatshion community is about. Got me all mad. I am stuttering on the video. Bwahahah!

And STOP leaving comments like this on Gabi’s Formspring!


Jai From The Fat and Skinny


  1. lmao. wheres the michael jackson popcorn gif?

    drama, drama. who cares. we can just say is that the jealous haters make themselves look ugly (personality wise) and pathetic.

  2. 1) LOL that gif has me dying

    2) aw thanks for supporting me! this conference has been a lot of work since im literally doing it on my own. money is definitely a huge issue, but even more than that–like you said, some of these people have been blogging for like 3-4 months and are mad they aren't in glamour/weren't invited. i sent out the invites to this conference in september i believe. 99 million fatshion blogs have suddenly popped up since, and it seems like people want instant fame or success and resent those who have gotten recognition.

    3) i love jane and karla! LOL i would not mind having chanel haute couture. but yeah, if people wanna hate, they can. the fact that people think im serious when i call myself regina george or hbic is hilarious to me.


  3. O, how did I miss this. I didn't know YFF had a formspring, I don't think it's public knowledge so she probably knows some of the people commenting even if they are anons. Anyhoo people can set up their own conferences if it bothers them so much.

  4. Her formspring is public knowledge. She used to tweet about it all the time, but either way I agree with you. Maybe they should set up their own conference? Then they will see all the work she has put into it.

  5. thank u for the comment… ppl usually think my rants are funny even when i dont intend them to be lolz go figure…

    i kno there are many different opinions on the yff conference… not just those who are pro and con… i kno a few ppl in between were just hurt by the way it was promoted in the beginning… it has nothing to do with wanting to hinder or being bitter of the success that Gabi and the other ladies attending the conference have received… an accomplishment for one of us is an accomplishment for ALL of us… and that rings even more true in the plus fashion community.

    as far as those who are really angry at her and the other women attending the YFF conference they need to take a chill pill… this is only seeming like h.s. all over again because youre taking it that way.

    anywho… thanks for reading and following 🙂

  6. oh my word…seriously people? We shouldn't have to go to lengths like this because fatshion bloggers are getting spot light. like you said, some people are gonna make it and some ain't! GOSH!

  7. This is why women can't get ahead sometimes as a collective group–back biting and cattiness. Crabs in the barrel mentality. Why can't we just support the sister with her success and conference? Maybe if it blows up, next year every one can be invited! I love Gabi's style and her blog, and I'm very proud of her representing the Big Women the way she is. I'm not into knocking people down. It doesn't make me feel bigger or better.

    Not to mention, I thought the fat-o-sphere and fatshion world was all about being there for each other in a world that otherwise ignorese us?

    Sheesh, people

  8. I agree with you 100%, the nerve of some of these people! As someone who just literally just started to seriously blog this month(I'm in school so u know how that goes), I think it just plain stupid to expect to be in magazines or even invited to a conference. I guess some folks are green with envy that someone else is making some positive moves in the world, some people are just like that. I for the record, like most of the fatshion blogs I have read, including but not limited to yours and Gabi's,and thought it was great to see other girls like me who are plussized and often put down for it have some sort of outlet. WE R BETTER THAN THIS LADIES! We all to be big little women and support our sisters, Gabi I wish u all well with conference and I think it is a cool idea and will be watching the podcast.
    Keep it Classy ladies,

    Miss Moore

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